Fmr. Obama Adviser Delivers Sharp Blow To Every Anti-Trumper With His Latest Prediction

Obama aide has tell all with the Daily Beast. Image credit to screen captures by US4Trump.Obama aide has tell all with the Daily Beast. Image credit to screen captures by US4Trump.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, The Daily Beast’s, Scott Porch sat down with the former Obama White House Communications Director who was also his aide.

Apparently, Dan Pfeiffer wrote a book. No kidding. Who isn’t trying to cash in by spilling the beans if you are a Democrat? It worked out for Comey, Hillary and Donna Brazile.

Scott interviews Dan in an epic tell all!

Three important clues were revealed. One. The left is trying to let their base know the Mueller probe is not going to end well for the Democrats. Two. They are going to continue with the identity politics and the attack on the Trump agenda. And three, the Obama administration were crass. Very crass.

The former Obama aide says, “People are asking all the time. ‘When is Robert Mueller going to put Trump in jail?'” Who are the people that are asking? Everyone who is aware of the Mueller probe being a sham for the previous administration to de-legitimize this Presidency already KNOWS Trump will not go to jail. Or be impeached.

This is the Democrats way of letting the leftists off easy from their Obama administration inspired ‘Russia Russia Russia’ narrative.

The Democrats have been busy manipulating their base with falsehoods and opinion for the last year and a half.

Specifically, when it is exposed to their following that the Russia probe was a huge scam, they are hoping the base won’t be so mad and completely defect from the Democrat party.

Of course, most Democrats already know the truth. As evidenced by the insanely successful #WALKAWAY campaign.

The former Obama aide and White House Communications Director continues, and says “Nixon went down because a number of Republican senators told him that they were going to convict him on the impeachment.”

Then like a teenage boy breaking up with his girlfriend, he tells the far left Democrats, “There is no world in which that happens with today’s Republican party. They will not do that. The only way Trump will leave office is voters sending him home.”

NEWS FLASH Democrats!

The American people are NOT sending Trump home! In fact, the odds are, Trump will win by an equally comfortable margin in the Electoral college for the 2020 Presidential run.

Then in an unprecedented revelation of identity politics, Dan Pfieffer says that Trump is a racist and unfit. And that’s all you need to know to understand the Democrats know the END OF THEIR MANUFACTURED RUSSIAN COLLUSION STORY IS DEAD.

Dan was asked if what happened to Sarah Sanders at the Red Hen is okay. He responds, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders and so many more of Trump’s aides made a decision to lie for a dangerously unfit racist liar, and they should be held accountable. Nothing will be able to remove that black mark from their reputations, but I am more interested in the sort of accountability voters can bring.”

The irony that he calls the Trump administration unfit, racist and liars is astounding! Dan’s answer to the next question says it all.  WARNING: DAN USES CRASS LANGUAGE. Scott asks Dan, “I’ll ask this one cold, so feel free to add context: What’s a shitburger?”

Dan responds. “[Laughs.] A shitburger is what we called something you have to eat that tastes terrible. Right—a shit sandwich, a poop pie. [Laughs.] Working in the White House during the financial crisis was a shitburger buffet.” And THAT is a taste of what the inside of the corrupt Obama administration was like. And to think the Dems went nuts when Pres Trump said “$hi*hole” countries!

Don’t worry, Dan, the voting Patriots of America KNOW who the liars are. And it’s not Sarah and the Trump administration.

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