Moments Ago, Rudy Turned The Tables On Team Mueller With A Vicious Demand

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Rudy Giuliani has made waves since joining President Trump’s legal team. And, on Monday, he showed signs that he is ready to intensify efforts even more.

Like many Americans, Giuliani is troubled by the text messages made by key members of Mueller’s team that were exposed in the IG report. So much, that he now issued a demand that could be game-changing if the right people take action on what Rudy said. Video Below

Text messages exposed in the IG report arguably showed extreme bias by at least three former members of Mueller’s team.

One of the members, Peter Strzok, was actually responsible for launching the Russian collusion investigation to begin with. And his apparent ‘lover’ at the time, Lisa Page, was shown to exchange Anti-Trump text messages and emails with Strzok. (You can read more on the latest uncovered Anti-Trump emails between Strzok and Page HERE)

According to The Daily Caller, another former member of Mueller’s team, Kevin Clinesman, was also found to be transmitting Anti-Trump messages as well. He was soon released from the team, as a result.

So, all of this Anti-Trump behavior that, early on, tainted Mueller’s Witch Hunt is very troublesome to Giuliani. And he wants to get to the bottom of everyone involved in Mueller’s investigation. See Below

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Giuliani made the case against Robert Mueller’s team and is worried they all could be strongly opposed to President Trump. He thinks that while all of the latest revelations show extreme bias, it’s only relevant that ALL members of special counsel Mueller’s team have their texts investigated. And he is willing to bet they’re all sending the same sorts of Trump-hating messages that were seen in the IG report. Rudy said:

“I want to see all their texts. I want to see if they’re texting the same thing.”

“I’m willing to bet a dinner that they are. You’ve got two or three of them that are texting horrible things about Trump.” Video Below

Rudy Giuliani Turns The Tables On Special Counsel Mueller’s Team

Rudy made mention that there still is a chance there could be an interview between Trump and Mueller, but he does bring up a good point.

Why should President Trump trust Mueller’s intentions and sit down for an interview when his team likely consists of “13 Angry Democrats”?

What do you think? Should Mueller’s Team have their communications looked more into? And if so, do you think there will be more bias exposed? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts on the matter!