FRIDAY THE 13TH: Dems Will Suffer Night Of Fright After Rosenstein’s Announcement

Rosenstein clears Trump campaign of collusion in the 2016 election. Feature photo credit to US4Trump with video screen shot compilation.Rosenstein clears Trump campaign of collusion in the 2016 election. Feature photo credit to US4Trump with video screen shot compilation.

CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times and the Dems have spent A LOT of ink, time and money pushing the ‘Russia Russia Russia’ Trump campaign Collusion story for the better part of 14 months.

The American people can rest at ease now. The Mueller probe AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ON IT’S LAST LEG. And as it turns out, it’s the Dems who are fond of communicating with the Russians during Presidential campaigns.

Just hours ago, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein announces: 

“There is no allegation in this indictment that the American’s knew they were corresponding with Russian Intelligence officers. There’s no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.”

However, the undermining of President Trump with their constant narrative of “stopping Trump” seems to have completely backfired on the Democratic party and the far left media ring. President Trump’s approval rating is a resounding 41% in the most recent Gallup poll of July 2nd through 8th 2018. Only 1% point difference with Reagan at this same time during his Presidency.

The Grand Old Party tweets Rosenstein clearing Trump and his campaign members of any wrong doing. The GOP tweets, “As has been saying all along: No collusion.”

Addionally, to clearing the Trump campaign, Rosenstein also indicted 12 Russians. Fox News tweets, “12 Russian Intel officials indicted for allegedly hacking Clinton campaign, DNC emails: What to know.” 

Moreover, if you are thinking the only Russian collusion was with the Hillary campaign and the Dems. Then you might be a rocket scientist.

Fox News cites:

“The 11-count indictment detailed the coordinated effort to break into key Democratic email accounts, including those belonging to the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”

Fox also says, “The indictment laid out 11 criminal charges; including conspiracy, identity theft and money laundering.” However, it appears with what Rosenstein announced, no charges for the Democrats will come from this.

Rosenstein, in a written summary which you can see by clicking here, states, “they (the Russians) used a scam known as “spearphishing,” which involves sending misleading email messages and tricking users into disclosing their passwords and security information.”

Does everyone remember what Podesta’s password is? Hint: password. The DNC never claimed to have the best and brightest. Between Podesta’s password choice and Hillary’s personal server choices  and Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s information technology human resource choices, it’s no wonder they were infiltrated.

The Department of Justice statement also reads, “The defendants accessed the email accounts of volunteers and employees of a U.S. presidential campaign, including the campaign chairman, starting in March 2016.” Now we know, it was Podesta!

All of the ‘Russia Russia Russia’ hype 24/7 for over a year and it turns out the Dems, Podesta and his password, “password” were the big collusionist.

Good to know that hard working American’s tax dollars went to figure THAT out. (Sarcasm.)

In closing, what do you think? Is Rod Rosenstein simply trying to steal the thunder away from the two FBI lovers Peter Strzok’s and Lisa Page’s testimonies? Lisa Page is in closed door session right now mere hours after her lover’s public testimony yesterday.