Maria Bartiromo Holds Up The Piece Of Paper That Will Crush Little Adams’s Ego

Woe! Look at all those redactions! Devin Nunes (R-CA) is live on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Photo courtesy of US4Trump video screen capture enhancement.Woe! Look at all those redactions! Devin Nunes (R-CA) is live on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Photo courtesy of US4Trump video screen capture enhancement.

Woe! This is HUGE. It turns out the “12 Russians” who are indicted by the Mueller team is all in the Republican paper released at the end of April!

Maria tells us that the indictments accuse the Russian intelligence officers of “hacking the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Furthermore, the heated question is WHY was the FACT that the Republicans who were also targeted by the Russians NOT in the indictment?

Devin Nunes (CA-R), Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) joins Maria Bartiromo on Fox News this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

Devin reveals the Republican memo from April 27th on page 4 outlines the Mueller indictment. The HPSCI Chairman tells Maria, “we basically wrote the indictment for Mueller.” 

Maria confirms that everything in the indictment was available through Devin’s work earlier this year. And Devin says, “Well we knew about this a year and a half ago.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Adam Schiff went nuts when the Republican memo was revealed. And he turned into a Schiff wreck.

Three days after the release of the memo to the American public, Schiff actually gave Trump credit for North Korea. Probably, because he knew he was busted!

Devin reminded us that at the time, “the media mocked us. The democrats  made fun of the Republicans. They said it was a ‘white wash‘.” 

Moreover, Devin tells us, “then we had to fight with the intelligence agencies.” He continues, “and the DOJ so they would not redact…and that was finished in April.” 

Devin tells us, “In the indictment they leave out some really important people.” Furthermore, he says, “they [the Russians] also targeted Republicans. Why is that NOT in the indictment? It makes the indictment look ridiculous.”

Maria clarifies, and states, “they targeted both Democrats and Republicans.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The two go on to discuss that the President of the United States has to declassify the information so the American people can truly discover what happened.

Maria points out the Wall Street Journal recently had a piece entitled, After the Strzok Stonewall. The point it makes is that “FBI agent Peter Strzok’s appearance before Congress Thursday was a predictable political circus.”

The WSJ goes on to say, “And here’s what we learned: President Trump will have to declassify a host of documents if he wants Americans to learn the truth about what happened in 2016.

Watch the segment on the FACT that the Republican’s who were also attacked is NOT in the indictment: 

Or WATCH the FULL interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures with Chairman Devin Nunes (CA-R) below.

In closing, are you surprised to know that Mueller’s indictment is based on Nunes’ report? Or are you surprised that Mueller left out the critical information from the indictment that the Republican’s were also targeted?