After Reporter Tries To Interrupt Trump’s Meeting, WATCH Him IMMEDIATELY REGRET IT

Image Source: Video Screen shot. Compilation

Monday, President Trump and Vladimir Putin held a joint news conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Right before the conference started, security hauled out a reporter who was holding up a sign that read, “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty.” (Videos Below)

Sam Husseini, a writer for “The Nation,” held up a sign that read “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty” as other members of the press caught video of him.

After an official unsuccessfully attempted to swipe the paper out of Husseini’s hand, Husseini was removed by multiple Secret Service officers.

Fox News chief White House correspondent, John Roberts, said that members of the press are allowed to ask pointed questions during news conferences, but are not permitted to hold up signs or make statements.

“It’s pretty clear that he came in here to make a statement,” Roberts said of Husseini. (Videos Below)

This is what happens when you are an activist/protester, rather than a reporter/journalist. Too bad.


John Roberts added that Husseini had previously been removed from the room and talked to, but was then brought back inside