DOUBLE WHAMMY: Crooked H Gets WIPED OUT Right After Opening Her Deceitful Mouth

Image Source: Video Screen Shot, Isitfunnyoroffensive, & Twitter. Compilation

Well, well well. It only takes a United States President to fly to Helsinki, Finland to find out who took money from the Russians for HER campaign!

Putin accuses Hillary Clinton of accepting $400 million dollars for her campaign! No wonder everyone on the left is having a melt down today! (Video Below)

The Russian President says in this international Clinton tell-all:

“They sent [a] HUGE amount of a money. 400 million as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

While that’s a personal case, it might have been legal – the contribution itself. But, the way the money was earned was illegal.

So, we have a solid reason to believe that some intelligence officers, accompanied and guided these transactions. (Video Below)

So, we have an interest of questioning them so that can be a first step.

And, we can also extend it. Options abound. And they all can be found in an appropriate legal framework.”

A reporter then asks Putin, “Did you direct any of your officials to help them do that?”  (Video Below)

And, in no uncertain terms, Putin replies without hesitation, “Yes, I did. Yes, I did, because he talked about bringing the Russia-U.S. relations back together.”

For the record, this happened on Obama’s watch. Where is Mueller on this?

WATCH as Putin tattle tales on the Clinton campaign! 

Furthermore, earlier today, Hillary tries her hardest to troll the President in a tweet by asking if Trump knows which team he plays on. She was trying to say Trump is on Russia’s team and not America’s.

(Continued Below)

A dead give a way that the Democratic narrative for the day would be to blame Trump and that he was on Russia’s side no matter what he says.

But, Mike Huckabee was not having any part of it!

He tells it like it is, and reminds her and the Democrats that SHE is the one who accepted BIG money from Russia for a speech.

Huckabees tweets, “Hillary tweeted, “Q for Trump as he meets Putin: Do U know which team you play for?

Then, the Press Secretary’s dad and former Governor says, “@POTUS never accepted $500K dollars for 1 speech from Russian bank, taken $140m for his foundation from Russian sources, or sold Russia 1/5 of US uranium supply.” (Continued Below)

Furthermore, he asks Hillary, “Which team are YOU on, Hillary?” After looking for her reply, there does not seem to be one from Hillary back to Mike!

KABOOM! Double whammy!

In ending, do you find the current leftist media show trying to paint POTUS as “in the pocket” of Putin laugable after finding out it was HILLARY who took Russian money?