Lou Dobbs Turns Up The Heat On The Dem’s Narrative After Summit With 30k View

Dobbs rips the leftist media on the Helsinki hysteria. Photo credit to US4Trump with video capture enhancement.Dobbs rips the leftist media on the Helsinki hysteria. Photo credit to US4Trump with video capture enhancement.

Oh boy! This is good! Lou Dobbs, literally ripped the mainstream media and the  RINO’s in the wake of the mainstream media’s assault on President Trump.

Last night, on Lou Dobbs Tonight, he invites Ed Rollins, former Reagan Political Director and Michael Goodman, New York columnist for a candid discussion on the actual Helsinki summit without the background noise of the left. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dobbs begins the segment with an accurate assessment of what television looked liked in America yesterday.

He states, “the loony left, well, absolutely melting down and showing their true colors after the President’s meeting with Vladimir Putin.”

Dobbs continues, “My goodness! President Trump disappointed the left-wing national media. Whew, during his press conference with Vladimir Putin. And because of that, all the top leftist critics went wild attacking President Trump today!”

Dobbs then cuts to scenes of CNN and MSNBC covering the gamut describing Trump as “disgraceful” and wearing “jammies and crawl[ing] under the covers with Putin”. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Lou points out, “what did they call it when Barrack Obama said to Medvedev, ‘tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the election’?

Watch as Obama tells the Russian to deliver a message to Putin! 

“I think the President handled himself perfectly,” said Dobbs. “What would it have taken to satisfy the morons that you saw on those clips? I mean … And what is his name, Brennan? He’s the biggest joke I have seen!” 

Lou goes on to say, “this is stupid stuff. This is beyond the pale as far as I’m concerned. He’s beginning a relationship with Putin. And if his intelligence community is so smart, just as Chris Farrell was saying, guys, where ARE the servers?”

Dobbs hits the point home, “Why didn’t the FBI investigate them? And what IS the basis for that indictment? Farrell points out that the basis of the indictment for the 12…intelligence officers is HERESAY for crying out loud!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

It seems no matter what Trump had said or done the leftist media would have attacked POTUS. Moreover, Dobbs asks his guest, “What’s he suppose to do?

Rollins interjects, “Well, to your first point. There’s nothing he could do to satisfy CNN, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times or the Washington Post.” And Dobbs steps in to say, “Or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Paul Ryan. They’re all the same.” 

WATCH the video. Start at 22:48 mark for Ed Rollins segment. 

Check out the Lou Dobbs poll where he wants to know what you think. : Do you think the meltdown over the Trump-Putin summit by the Dimms, RINOs and the national Left-Wing media is motivated by their constant, desperate desire to undermine president trump rather than a serious concern about the Russian threat to U.S. national security?


In closing, do you agree with Lou, that no matter what Trump would have said or done the leftist media would have attacked him? Drop your comment below and let us know what you are thinking! Also, hit the subscribe button at the very bottom to join more discussions!