THUNDERSTRUCK: Pres Trump Exposes Obama & His Shady Gang Leaving Them Nowhere To Hide

President Trump speaks out on Obama era administration and the Russia meddling. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation.President Trump speaks out on Obama era administration and the Russia meddling. Photo credit to US4Trump compilation.

Woe! President Trump calls out OBAMA and tells us exactly what Obama knew and when he knew it in regards to election tampering!

Just hours ago, President Trump sat down for yet another presser as the leftist media BLOWS a gasket over the successful Helsinki Summit! (VIDEO BELOW.)

The media seems to want to focus strictly on the Russia meddling in the election. They want to ignore the strides that are occurring with foreign affairs regarding Russia.

Moreover, POTUS responds in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to America! And what he has to say is EXPLOSIVE!

As President Trump sits down for a presser just before his Cabinet meeting he tells us what we have all been wondering.

When did the Obama administration find out about the meddling and why did they do NOTHING about it? (VIDEO BELOW.)

Pres Trump says: (continued below.)

President Obama, along with Brennan and Clapper. And the WHOLE GROUP that you see on television now. Probably gonna create  a lot of money from the networks.

THEY KNEW about Russia’s attempt to interfere in the election in September and they totally buried it. As I said, they buried it because they thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. Turned out, it didn’t happen that way.

By contrast, my administration has taken a very firm stance. It’s a very firm stance on a strong action. We’re going to take STRONG ACTION to secure election systems and the process.

Furthermore, as has been stated and we’ve stated it previously, on many occasions, NO COLLUSION.” 

Boom! President Trump lays it out in no uncertain terms! And the media still wants to control the headlines. They have meltdown on his every word and get it WRONG!

We The People, have the right to listen to our President and make our own discernment’s. Yet, the leftist media wants to constantly insert their opinion and tell us how we should think. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Do you think it’s time for Congress to subpoena Obama to see what else he knew and when he knew it?

WATCH as President Trump ROASTS Obama, Clapper and Brennan over Russia!

In closing, are you getting tired of vetting the news? Are you tired of the their opinions and do you want more FACTS? Are you grateful our President is transparent?  Drop your comments below and let us know what YOU think! Also, hit the SUBSCRIBE button way down at the bottom to join more conversations!