Reporter Crawls Back To Playpen After Sarah Shows Him Who’s The Boss

Sarah tells the American people how the media tries to manufacture fake news. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump.Sarah tells the American people how the media tries to manufacture fake news. Photo credit to screen captures by US4Trump.

Sarah was back at work after her whirl wind trip across the globe with the President! Behind the podium she wears a show stopping fuchsia ensemble with a striking pearl necklace!

Sarah looks extra radiant in the press room, she calls upon a reporter. And waits ever so patiently for his three-part question to end. (VIDEO BELOW.)

He addresses his notes and gets to his third question. Which isn’t a bad question, it was just, well, negative.

The reporter asks, “Do you have any response to the arrest and indictment of the Russian National? Who is accused of trying to orchestrate American political organizations, particularly, on the right? To try to influence American politics?

Then the wide-eyed reporter, awaits her answer on the edge of his seat.

Sarah responds to him with earnest, she says, “Certainly, we’re looking at that.” Then with a whimsical gleam in her eye and her eyebrow cocked she launches into her ‘fake news narrative killer’!

She says, “But just to clarify – I know there was a massive media hysteria yesterday over a confusion between that individual and a White House staffer.”

Sarah continues, “Which I think, shows, frankly, the OUTRAGEOUSNESS and the DESIRE to find the NEGATIVE in everything that this President does.”

Sarah was not going to let the opportunity pass to re-tell why the media was hysterical!

She wanted to tell what happened when the press attempted to manufacture fake news.

She tells the American people, “Just because somebody was simply red-headed (she laughs) they were accused of being some sort of spy for Russia!

Then back to her serious tone, she says, “I think this has gotten totally out of control.” Then she tells the room full of reporters what every American would like to see happen!

The Press Secretary tells them, “Everybody- you guys need to take a little bit of a step back. Slow down. And quit going after the Trump administration on every single thing that takes place.” 

The reporter looks appropriately reprimanded and asks, “You have no response to the indictment?” Apparently, forgetting that she had answered his question already.

Sarah gently reminds him “I said, ‘we’re looking at it’ but this is a lengthy process. We’re going through it.”

Then Sarah strikes again! Moreover, with a twinkle in her eye and a smile tucked into the corner of her mouth, she says, “However, I do have a response to the fact that simply because somebody had the same hair color. They were being accused of being a Russian spy by a large number of people, frankly, in this room.

WATCH as Sarah let’s the press corp KNOW that they constantly look for negative spin! 

In ending, do you think the same way? That the media is just looking for negative stories on President Trump? And if they can’t find one, they manufacture one? And if you support Sarah 100% drop her a big “thank you” below!