Little Adam Tries To Burn Pres Trump, What Nunes Does Next CRUSHES His Ego

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Thursday, during a public House Intelligence Committee hearing Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, had a meltdown on the floor after getting struck down by Republicans and Rep. Devin Nunes R-CA.

Schiff publicly disrupted the hearing, to change the subject and try to subpoena the interpreter who accompanied President Trump earlier this week for a private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Video Below)

The hearing held was about a Chinese threat to the U.S. government and private sector, however just like democrats, all they seem to know how to do….is disrupt and resist.

After Chairman Devin Nunes delivered his opening remarks, Schiff used his opportunity to bring up the “extraordinary circumstance” in which President Trump chose to waive inviting his national security advisers and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to his two-hour meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

“We move to subpoena the interpreter to come before our committee. I regret that we have to raise this at today’s hearing. We have requested a business hearing next week, but that request has been declined. This may be our last opportunity before we go into an extended recess to vote to subpoena the interpreter,” Schiff said.

Nunes shot back telling Schiff that he can only make a motion during a hearing to adjourn. (Video Below)

That triggered Schiff and he responded, “Mr. chairman, my motion is that we subpoena the interpreter,” adding that he realized that he was resorting to an “extraordinary remedy,” but argued it was one that was necessary because of Trump’s private meeting with an “adversary” and the president’s public comments that disavowed the U.S. intelligence community and “in many respects disavow his own country.”

Nunes slapped Schiff down again explaining that he would not “entertain any such request.”

Schiff still having a meltdown and suffering from “Trump Derangement Sydrome,” tried to appeal the ruling of the chair and ask for yeas and nays. However, Nunes declared, “the chair has not made a ruling, but a denial of recognition. I’ll give you three minutes for opening statements.” (Video Below)

After giving Schiff one last opportunity to deliver his opening statement, Nunes called the session into recess.

After the recess, Nunes again recognized Schiff for the purpose of making his motion.

Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, moved to table the motion. After a vote, Schiff called for yeas and nays. They did not entertain it. Democrats lost 11-6.

Schiff sad, tweeted the outcome of the vote. (Video Below)

WATCH Adam Schiff experience “Trump Derangement Syndrome” BELOW:


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(H/T Washington Examiner)