Fitton Uncovers A Golden Nugget That Brennan, Clapper & Comey Buried Below The Swamp

FOIA lawsuit documents from the FISA warrants come through Judicial Watch. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.FOIA lawsuit documents from the FISA warrants come through Judicial Watch. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.

Here’s a story about America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton, who is the President of Judicial Watch. Moreover, his goal is to make documents public which the Government will sometimes try to hide from the American people. And, he uncovered the golden nugget today!

He works on many investigations. However, this one is for the FISA warrant documents. The American people want to know if the FISA warrants, which started the Mueller probe from the Clinton DNC dossier, are legit. (VIDEO BELOW.)

And guess what…THE FISA APPLICATIONS ARE HERE. Tom scored the FISA documents for the American people! 

Specifically, what will the FISA documents reveal? Moreover, will they be heavily redacted?

These questions and more are now answered. Also, the 412 pages of the FISA documents were delivered via Federal Express just hours ago. Read HERE to see them downloaded onto the Judicial Watch document archive.

Tom tweets the news about the golden nugget! 

“Carter Page FISA docs show the FBI/DOJ misled the courts in getting spy warrants on @RealDonaldTrump team. Here’s my preview.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

The FISA court was misled – what does it mean? Specifically, it means “the [FISA] court was never told about the origins of the dossier,” Tom says.

Since the FISA court was misled about the origins of the dossier, then the warrant should never have been issued to spy on Carter Page. Whom, by the way has been charged with absolutely nothing.

What is the bottom line to the whole rotten gig that Clapper, Brennan and Comey perpetrated on the American public?

That our greatest law enforcement institutions, during the Obama-era were used to spy on an American Presidential campaign. Specifically, to spy on the Trump campaign. This is banana Republic stuff, folks. It is truly sad to see America degenerated to that level of corruption. Every patriot should be outraged at the Obama-era branches of Government.

Fitton explains, “the Clinton DNC dossier was used to justify in a dishonest way to the FISA courts.” Tom continues, “Remember, NO Clinton DNC dossier. NO FISA warrants. Frankly, no Clinton DNC dossier, no Special Counsel.”

“So – the corruption of the FISA court processes” have now been exposed. 

Additionally, Tom says in his witty style to a rather serious subject, “So why do we need a Mueller special counsel? His job is done. Thank you Mr. Mueller.” Mueller can go home now! And stop costing the tax payer anymore millions than he’s already cost us.

Furthermore, Dan Bongino, former Secret service agent tweets this nugget on the release of the FISA applications. 

“So now we know. The Russian collusion fairytale was a hoax from the beginning. What a disgrace.”

In ending, WATCH as Fitton and Bongino discuss the acquisition of the FISA applications as they await for them to arrive via Federal Express. 

In closing, are you saddened to know that our greatest Law Enforcement agencies were compromised during the Obama-era? Also, is this the highest level of corruption you have seen in the American government in your life time? Tell us what you think below. Thank you. And God Bless America.