Right After Bartiromo Holds Up The 400 FISA Docs, Goodlatte Drops A BOMB No One Saw Coming

Goodlatte responds to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures regarding the FISA application doucments since he has seen them unredacted. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.Goodlatte responds to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures regarding the FISA application doucments since he has seen them unredacted. Photo credit to US4Trump screen capture enhancement.

America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch came through for the American people!

Furthermore, they sued for the FISA applications that were used to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Additionally, the FISA warrant application released to Judicial Watch was heavily redacted.

Congress; however, has seen the 400+ pages of UNREDACTED FISA application documents.

Specifically, Bob Goodlatte, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Goodlatte announces, “I have had the opportunity… to read these FISA warrant applications without all of those redactions…and I think that it is critically important that the American people have the opportunity to see most of the rest of those documents.”

Also, Bob was on Fox News Channel with Maria Bartiromo and in a BLOCKBUSTER of details he gives us as much information as he can without breaking the law!

Moreover, the Virginia Representative tells us the bottom line of what we need to know!

Specifically, wait until you see the last one! The TRUTH is coming out a little bit at a time and it’s a BOMBSHELL!

Chairman Goodlatte tells the Amercian people the 15 things we need to know about the 400+ page document dump! 

  1. The documents are heavily redacted.
  2. FBI presents to FISA court an application for a search warrant on a U.S. citizen followed by 3 renewals.
  3. The search warrant was based on the Steele Dossier that is unverified even after this came out they attempted to verify it and failed.
  4. The redacted contents should be released to the American people. Other than methods and sources.
  5. The redacted information does not support the issuance of a warrant to have surveillance on Carter Page.
  6. The Mueller probe does not want information released to the American public and are hiding behind his probe.
  7. Congress wants to know how the Mueller investigation was launched.
  8. Congress wants to know the shocking way the former admin handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
  9. A Federal Judge wants to make that information public.
  10. Peter Stzok was at the heart of both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the launch of the Trump campaign into Russian collusion.
  11. Carter Page still has NO charges as being an “agent of foreign power” which the application alleges.
  12. Carter Page has been under surveillance for almost two years.
  13. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid a British agent who then paid Russians for the creation of the unverified dossier and gave it to the FBI.
  14. The FBI gave the unverified dossier to the FISA court and did not disclose the source of the information.
  15. Brennan, Comey and Lynch are on the witness list and will be called into Congress for questioning!

WATCH Bob Goodlatte who has seen the UNREDACTED documents. He gives Maria Bartiromo the run down! 


In closing, how much longer do YOU think the leftist media can hold out their charade over the Mueller probe now that 400 pages of information has been released? Drop your comment below and scroll all the way down to the bottom and hit the subscribe button to join more conversations!