Network’s Cohen Tape Reveal Gets Ruined When Everyone Hears What Trump Yelled

There’s not a lot that ruffles our Teflon President’s golden feathers! Furthermore, if the Cohen tape proves anything, it is THAT!

In a revealing private moment, the American people can rest assured that Donald J. Trump was not raised in a barn! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Thank you CNN, for this important breaking news!

In this segment of the tape, you can hear Cohen and the President speaking honestly and openly.

In what appears to be a tense moment, while Cohen is in agreement with Donald, suddenly, you hear DJT asking politely for something of great consequence!

The former multi billion dollar building builder showcases his MANNERS!

After this late breaking news, it is obvious that our POTUS listened intently to his beautiful and kind-hearted late mother, Mary Anne McLeod and her Scottish wisdom.

Apparently, he heard her words when she most likely imparted to him to always use his manners and be polite!

Furthermore, during his conversation with his private Attorney, ‘The Donald’ shows his style and asks kindly!

DJT says, “Get me a Coke, please!” (VIDEO BELOW.)

This is GREAT! Listen while ‘The Donald’ uses his MANNERS to ask for a Coke!

In closing, do you believe the Cohen tape release was timed to take the heat off the Democrat FISA Application fiasco?