Reporter Gets Humiliated By Middle America After Whining About WH Zipping His Mouth

President Trump held a joint press meeting with today with Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister at the White House.

After the meeting and during a photo op, one reporter was called out and shut down by a staffer for shouting questions, after being told the meeting was over and to exit the room. (Videos Below)

White House correspondent Jim Acosta, from CNN, was told by a staffer to leave after he was shouting questions to President Trump about his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the allegations of collusion.

Acosta blurted out, “Mr. President, if there was no collusion, why does Rudy Giuliani consider there to be no crime in collusion?” 

“Make your way out. Let’s go. Move, Jim, let’s go. Keep going, Jim. Let’s go. Jim, we’re leaving. Come on, Jim. Go. We’re done,” can be overheard from the staffer.

Acosta’s questions come after statements Giuliani made earlier in the day on Fox News. (Videos Below)

“I’ve been sitting here, looking in the federal code, trying to find collusion as a crime. Collusion is not a crime. Everything that’s been released so far shows the president absolutely innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong,” Giuliani said.

Jim Acosta is always looking for his 15 seconds of fame.

After Jim was asked to keep moving and exit the room, he later tweeted and whined on air at CNN with Wolf Blitzer. (Videos Below)

“Move, Jim! Let’s go! Keep going Jim. Let’s go. We’re leaving. Come on Jim. Go. We’re done.”


Of course it didn’t stop there. Acosta took to twitter to complain that the White House aid was screaming at him. Poor Jim. (Video Below)

Next, Jim Acosta went on the air to complain that his question wasn’t heard from the President. He whined that a White House staffer was screaming near his ear.

Acosta then says conservative outlets ask President Trump softball questions.  Hmmm… that sounds familiar. Didn’t Jim ask Obama softball questions? (See 3rd clip below)

Here’s a clip of Sean Hannity waiting for Jim’s Pom Poms praising Obama:

Here are some responses from twitter to Acosta: (See Below)


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