ICED: Democrat Gets Frozen Stiff By Her Own Logic While Grilling ICE Official

Yesterday on Capitol Hill the Senate Judiciary Committee held an official meeting on the reunification of migrant families.

Moreover, Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) questions ICE Director Matthew Albence and melts into total admitted confusion! (VIDEO BELOW.)

It’s as if the Democrat from Hawaii was simply trying to follow the playbook in blaming the President for being “mean” to illegal immigrants.

Then when confronted with the TRUTH of the matter, Hirono becomes flabbergasted!

She begins her questions by asking if the Director, Matthew Albence would send his children to an illegal alien detention center.

She asks, “would you send your child to FRC’s?”

Calmly and politely he tells her, “I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are THERE because they have BROKEN THE LAW. ”

Checking in with the Dem playbook she states, “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the President with his…”.  Albence doesn’t let her get away with the biased narrative, he says, “No, M’am.”

Furthermore, he tells her “They’re there for a violation of Title 8 of the U.S. and Nationality Act. That’s USC 1325. That’s illegal entry. It’s both a civil and criminal violation. They are in those FRC’s pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They HAVE broken the LAW.

The Hawaiian Senator says quietly, “My understanding is that under ‘Zero Tolerance’ these are no longer civil proceedings but criminal proceedings.” It’s as if she has been watching CNN. where they tell viewers, “the parent’s are being prosecuted criminally.”

Additionally, Albence explains, “They were criminal proceedings when the border patrol prosecuted them. But at the conclusion of that process, once that individual came into ICE custody they would go into administrative proceedings.” 

After a lengthy pause of complete silence in the Judicial chamber, she says quietly, “I’m confused.

Ready to explain again, he says, “Okay. The criminal prosecution is for the individual being prosecuted for the criminal violation of improper entry.

Moreover, Caleb Howe, sums it up perfectly as he tweets, “I’m confused.” Apparently. Dem Senator doesn’t seem to understand that illegal entry is illegal.

WATCH the video below of Dem Senator and ICE Director Matthew Albence!

In closing, are you surprised we have a Senator who didn’t realize illegal entry is illegal? Or do you think CNN misinforming everyone plays a role? Drop your comment below and let us know what you think! Also, to hear more of Albence with Cory Booker (D-NJ) click here.