DiGenova Exposes More Dirty Tricks Mueller Is Using On Manafort To Oust Trump

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Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova put Mueller’s team on BLAST mode. Joe completely denounces the “interorium prosecution” style Mueller et al are using to squeeze Manafort.

In a scathing rebuke for the Mueller team’s tactics, diGenova has so many zingers  -it’s difficult to decide which one hits home best. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Tucker is equally appalled and tells us the three take-aways from the trial so far.

Tucker tells his viewers that the Mueller team, has painted Manafort’s lavish lifestyle. Additionally, Manafort has “maintained overseas accounts” and “lied about his income on loan applications.”

This is a country of laws; however, Tucker makes an excellent point and says, “this is all to bolster their case that Paul Manafort deserves more prison time than most murderers.”

Three hundred and five years.

305 years is what the prosecution thinks Manafort deserves for tax evasion. Tucker then brings in Joe diGenova.

Swiftly, diGenova describes the legal term for what we have been witnessing. An “interorium prosecution – the use of terror legal tactics. To destroy a human being, to try and force him to cooperate when he has nothing to cooperate with,” he tells us.

“And what the Special Counsel has done, Mr. Mueller, is he has chosen his JACK THE RIPPER-like leader, Andrew Weissmann to use the type of tactics that are properly reserved for mafia gangs, for terrorists,” Joe tells Tucker.

Furthermore, diGenova continues, “They have converted Paul Manafort into this ugly creature.”

Joe says, “This is one of the most unfortunate moments in the history of the FBI and Department of Justice. THIS case is the ROSEMARY’s BABY of Rod Rosenstein who forced this prosecution.”

Then, “Permitted the abusive tactics which occurred during the investigation. And which are occurring in this trial agreed to by the FBI Director, Chris Wray.” the U.S. Attorney says. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Joe says, “And of course, the Attorney General is ASLEEP. Somnambulant (sleep-walking) as this horrific embarrassment to the Department continues in the Eastern district of Virginia.”

This is a disgusting display of prosecutorial abuse for which the attorney general and his deputy should be ASHAMED,” he says finally.

In ending, Tucker cites that 1.3 months is the average sentence for tax evasion. And not 305 years.

WATCH the explosive video below! 

In closing, so why 305 years for Manafort? Why do YOU suppose his sentence is so stiff? Drop your comment below and let us know what you’re thinking after listening to diGenova!