Bolton Throws Down Powerful Truth On Russia As Schiff Swings For Another WHIFF

Sunday on Fox News, John Bolton, the National Security Adviser, spoke to Chris Wallace about Russian election meddling.

Bolton laid out the truth the way it really should be looked at, from a FAIR and objective position, unlike the irate Democrats like Adam Schiff and the “hysterical” media as Tucker Carlson pointed out back on August 3rd. SEE VIDEO BELOW:

Tucker Calls Out The Hysterical Media

Bolton credited Russia as indeed being the “principle violator” of general Russian meddling in the 2016 elections and beyond. But he did not specify which, if any campaign Russia was aiming to help “win”.

That’s probably because, as has been pointed out many times in the media such as here, Russia more than likely did not want Trump to win as the media wants us to think. Rather, they would have either preferred a weaker candidate such as Hillary or to cause general chaos, which they have unfortunately seemed to have succeeded in doing.



Additionally, Bolton also states that “Russian meddling activity, so far at least, is down from 2016, but it does not exclude the potential for others to meddle”. 

There’s no question that the media will not stop from this topic as long as it gets them ratings and they feel like they might have something that could lead to a possible Trump “impeachment” But as time passes, and there is no collusion, people like Congressman Adam Schiff and their manufactured outrage seem less and less credible with each passing Tweet, as seen HERE:

One can simply scour Schiff’s pathetic excuse of a Twitter feed and find post upon post of “Russia conspiracy” claims. Yet so far not one bit of evidence that President or candidate Trump colluded with Russians to illegally rig an election. Continued Below

See here for a good example of how Russia was mishandled by the Obama Administration and glossed over by the media due to their pure hypocrisy!

One way for Trump supporters to look at this ongoing manufactured “catastrophe” would be to just think about how much time and energy the Democrats waste while they could be talking about how they are going to make the Democrat party better.

Instead they whine all day long about Russia, Russia, Russia, while the most liberal of cities nominate Socialist and even Neo-communist candidates who want to “abolish ICE” or even “press charges” on ICE for enforcing the law as NY AG candidate “Zephyr Teachout” says. This is the unhinged left that Republicans and Trump are running against in 2018 and 2020. Stay tuned, as I’m sure the craziness has just begun!

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