Tom Fitton Uncovers A Steele BOMBSHELL That’ll Shake Obama Back To Kenya

America’s watch dog, Tom Fitton does it again! The FBI releases 71 pages of redacted documents to Judicial Watch regarding the Steele dirty dossier!

In a BLOCKBUSTER announcement, the new information is disturbing to say the least. Very basically, it is definitely a Witch Hunt. (VIDEO BELOW)

The FBI was funding the Steele dossier.

You saw that correctly. It’ a FACT. The FBI was paying Christopher Steele along with the DNC to target the Trump campaign. They then used the dirty dossier to spy on the Trump campaign.

Fitton tells the audience he received the “…70 pages of heavily redacted documents.” Then he adds, “Frankly, only two of them have substantive text on them.”

The JW President then says, “But they document the shady cash base relationship between the Comey FBI and Christopher Steele who at the same time was working for the Clinton DNC funded Fusion GPS to dig up dirt.

He then corrects himself to “FAKE DIRT” he continues, “on President Trump or then-candidate Trump.” Fitton concludes, “Which is It’s just pretty extraordinary stuff.” 

Steele was paid in CASH by the FBI.

It’s one thing to suggest the FBI paid Steele. Specifically, Fitton points out, “here we have the documents showing he met, at least, 13 times during the campaign season with the FBI.”

Then he drops the bomb “ELEVEN of those times resulted in CASH PAYMENTS.” Tom continues to explain, “So he’s getting money from the Clinton campaign. He’s also getting money from the FBI.”

Then Tom transitions to what the 70 pages say, “The first major document talks about him being admonished early in 2016. Yet, he meets repeatedly with the FBI afterwards. Finally in November, the documents show because he was leaking his relationship with the FBI – he is deemed ‘not suitable’ as a confidential human source.”

Steele’s work is what is used to spy on the Trump campaign.

Ending in a strong statement, Fitton  calls out Obama, “It shows there is CORRUPTION at the heart of the Russia investigation. Basically, being run out of the FBI during the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.”

See tweet below. Click here to see document. Video below. 

“Obama FBI met with Clinton-DNC/Fusion GPS Dossier “author” Steele 13 times during campaign! Paid this anti-@RealDonaldTrump foreign spy 11 times! @JudicialWatch got the docs. Will discuss on @foxandfriends on @FoxNews at 615 am. ”

 WATCH: Fitton discussed the FACTS on the FBI paying Steele in CASH. (Section starts at 10:30 minute mark.) 

In ending, are  you duly disturbed about this FACT? The FBI was paying Christopher Steele in CASH to get dirt on Trump? Do you believe Obama is ultimately responsible for this since it happened under his administration? Drop your comment below and let us know what you think about this BLOCKBUSTER revelation. And scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBSCRIBE button for more current content.