On Day 6, Judge Ellis Cranks Up The Heat & Roasts Team Mueller In Front Of The Gallery

Day six in Judge T.S. Ellis’ courtroom is heating up, and he’s not playing around.

The Judge isn’t tolerating any games from Mueller or his team of witch hunters.

Tuesday, Rick Gates returned to the stand for several more hours of testimony as part of a plea deal. Manafort, is said to have been seen with his arms folded, and staring daggers at his former deputy during the testimony.

Gates, supposedly has turned on his former boss Manafort and testifying they committed bank and tax fraud together. He admitted that Manafort fraudulently classified certain wire transfers as loans to reduce the amount of taxable income in a given year.

Manafort faces tax evasion and bank fraud charges as he is accused of hiding a “significant percentage” of income earned from his Ukrainian work from the IRS. He also is accused of fraudulently obtaining millions more in bank loans, including while he was working on the Trump campaign.

However, Manafort has pleaded not guilty to the charges. (Continued Below)

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt team is in hot water on day 6 after Judge Ellis lashed out at them.

According to Fox News, after jurors were dismissed for the day Monday, Ellis got into an extended verbal debate — lasting about 10 minutes — over the merits of the prosecution, the length of the case and even the eye contact of prosecutor Greg Andres.

Judge Ellis pushed Andres on why the prosecution was moving slowly with Gates, as well as why the prosecution is focusing on the link between wealthy Ukrainian politicos and Manafort. The Judge put Andres in his place arguing that the connection was not the basis of the case. (Continued Below)

Ellis Cranks Up The Heat & Roasts Team Mueller In Front Of The Gallery:

Ellis said, “What matters are the allegations that he made money from them and didn’t report it. You don’t need to throw mud at these people. I don’t know if they are bad or good. And I don’t care.”

Ellis reminded the witch hunters that they seemed to be focusing not on the actual charges but on what he considered “political contributions.”

“Look at me! Don’t look down,” Judge Ellis demanded.

Andres responded that he was looking at a relevant document, but that didn’t go over well with the Judge.

“You looked down as if to say ‘that’s B.S.!’” Ellis exclaimed. “I’m up here!” (Continued Below)

On Monday, Judge Ellis also took aim at noisy journalists, threatening to kick them out of the courtroom as they were being “disruptive.”

“If you cause a disruption, I will have you excluded!” Ellis said.

The warning came after multiple reporters rushed out of the courtroom at the same time Monday after it was announced that Gates would testify Monday.

Under rules, reporters covering the trial cannot use phones or laptops in the courtroom and must go outside to transmit news from inside.

Judge T.S. Ellis III is not letting the witch hunters play Muller’s phony games or get away with trying to turn the case into something else for their own political agenda.

Again, it’s been punctuated in this trial that it has ZERO to do with Russian collusion during the campaign of 2016.

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