Right As DOJ Coughs Up More Docs, Nunes Keeps Them In Check With A Spin Move

Devin Nunes (R-CA), House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Chairman joins Hannity on Fox News to discuss FISA docs.

Devin updates America on the laundry list of issues which were in the FISA Court abuse subpoena to the  Department of Justice under Rod Rosenstein.

Who they implicate are going to SURPRISE you. (Maybe.)

Nunes updates America on the Congressional FISA abuse investigation. Devin sits down with Sean Hannity and he has THREE key take-a-ways we ALL need to know.

Currently, most of the documents have been delivered and reviewed by the Congressional committee, after months of stone-walling. Rod seems to have responded to the idea of being impeached!

First, Nunes says, “We have at least twenty pages of the FISA warrant…that went after Carter Page … the House Republicans asked several months ago…for the President and his Office to declassify.”

Senator Grassley, secondly, asked for the Bruce Ohr 302’s. Bruce Ohr is going to become more and more important in this investigation. And people need to pay CLOSE attention to him,” Devin tells Hannity and the audience.

Hannity asks Devin to explain what a 302 report is. The FD-302 is a report which the FBI uses to “summarize the interviews that they conduct and contains information from the notes taken during the interview.”

The 302’s are about the “‘dozen’ Interviews with Anti-Trump FBI Official Ohr.” Ohr’s meetings with the FBI will tell us EXACTLY who is responsible for the witch hunt!

Nunes continues, “Number three, there is exculpatory evidence, that we have seen of CLASSIFIED documents that need to be declassified.” But, he won’t tell WHAT the docs say because he does not want to break the law and share classified information.

Then Devin says, “So those are the three areas that we have left in terms of what we need declassified.” And in a strong ending he rails, “We need these documents DECLASSIFIED. That HAS to get done!”

WATCH the interview below! 

In closing, would you like to see the twenty pages of docs declassified? What do you think about Bruce Ohr meeting with Steele? And what about Ohr’s wife, Nellie, working for Fusion GPS? Do you think Bruce Ohr was the one paying Steele through Fusion GPS? The only way the American people will know for certain is if the docs are DECLASSIFIED! Send the White House a message or call your Congressman and let them know what you would like done! #DeclassifyTheDocs