Mark Meadows Reveals Steele & Ohr’s Dark Secret Found In Newly Obtained Emails

Mark Meadows (R-NC) announces a ‘critical development’ in the dirty dossier scandal regarding the role of Chirstopher Steele.

Moreover, the role of a Senior DOJ official, Bruce Ohr who was delivering information between the FBI and Steele.

Mark Meadows, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus is the congressman who spearheaded the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein.

The perceived impeachment appears to have worked as it encouraged Rosenstein to produce subpoenaed documents to Congress.

As previously reported, “most of the documents have been delivered and reviewed by the Congressional committee, after months of stone-walling.”

After receiving and reviewing the documents, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) defines WHO the go-between is. As it turns out, the information was being passed between the FBI and the spy Chirstopher Steele.

Mark Meadows tweets:

Critical development: NEW emails obtained by Congress show Chris Steele was secretly funneling information to the FBI in 2017 through senior DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, even after the FBI claimed Steele was ‘terminated’ for leaking to the media in November 2016.” 

Chirstopher Steele is the author of the dirty dossier, and a former British intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 with ties to Russia.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations “did not allow agents to keep using Steele as a source. But they did so anyway — by devising a system in which Steele spoke regularly with Bruce Ohr,” reports the Washington Examiner.

Who is Bruce Ohr?

Bruce Ohr worked at the DOJ as a former Associate Deputy Attorney General.

Furthermore, his wife, Nellie Ohr worked with Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hired her to conduct research on Donald Trump. Also Bruce met with Steele, Fusion GPS and the FBI.

He passed the Steele information to the FBI.

See tweet below: 

In ending, knowing that Bruce Ohr continued to work under the radar with the FBI delivering Steele information…who do YOU think it was at the FBI receiving the information? Drop your thoughts below and join the conversation! Also, scroll to the bottom and click the SUBSCRIBE button for more great content! Thank you!