HOPPY DAYS: Beer CEO Leaves Foreign Brewers Frantic After What Trump Did For Him

President Trump is assisting the great BEER makers of America!

CEO, Jim Koch, of the Boston Beer Company who produces Samuel Adams beer brand, doesn’t hold back and gives POTUS a hat tip!

With the historic TAX CUTS, which NO democrat voted for, the CEO gives credit to Pres Trump. 

Tuesday, Jim and DJT are at a dinner together which President Trump hosted at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Specifically, the dinner was for American CEO’s across our great Nation.

Jim Koch, tells us that “President Donald Trump’s tax cuts are helping American owned brewing companies compete with the larger companies owned by foreign countries,” Brietbart reports.

Additionally, Brietbart announces the CEO “boasted that thanks to the President lowering the corporate tax, local breweries had a better chance of competing with brands like Budweiser, now owned by InBev, a Belgian-Brazilian beer conglomerate. Boston Brewing company brews Samuel Adams beer.”

A beer makers success story.

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Brewing Company has an interesting story of how he got started in the American brew business.

Money tells the tale of how Jim left his six figure job to suddenly become a brewer of a hand crafted beer company.

“In 1984, he discovered his great-great-grandfather’s lager recipe in his father’s attic and brewed the very first Samuel Adams lager. He started the company that same year.”

Koch says that when he first started his beer business, he was going for about a million dollars in sales per year.

He outdid himself, thanks to pro-American Trump business policy and deregulation by POTUS, Jim has enjoyed over a BILLION dollars in revenue!

Truly an American business success story!

Jim Koch with original cases of Samuel Adams beer. Photo courtesy of money.com.

Jim Koch with original cases of Samuel Adams beer. Photo courtesy of money.com.

In closing, if you started a business in this economy today, what would you want to do? Have you sampled a Samuel Adams beer, lately? Did you know Budweiser is foreign owned now? Drop your comments below and join the conversation! Also, scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBSCRIBE button for more great content! h/t Brietbart