BUSTED: Pres Trump Just Revealed Exactly What The Media Is Covering Up

This Sunday morning, our Pres Trump tweets about the Fox and Friends segment regarding the TRUTH about the origins of the Mueller special counsel.

Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) joins Abby Huntsman and others as he reveals what’s happening with the Mueller probe and how to get around the DOJ and FBI stonewalling the Congress.

POTUS pinpoints the BIGGEST STORY on the Mueller Special Counsel coverup. 

President Trump tweets the following, “Seems like the Department of Justice (and FBI) had a program to keep Donald Trump from becoming President”. If this had happened to the other side, everybody involved would be in jail. This is a Media coverup of the biggest story of our time.”  

Specifically, what did Fox and Friends ask Issa to warrant a tweet from the President of the United States?

First, it’s important to note Darrell Issa sits on both panels for the House Judiciary and Oversight committees. Which means he has seen the documents that the American people have not.

Additionally, Issa will be involved with the Bruce Ohr joint congressional hearings scheduled for August 28th regarding Ohr’s contacts with dirty dossier creator Christopher Steele.

Specifically, to find out how the coordinated effort “between the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign to drag down Donald Trump” occurred.

Abby asks Issa about Bruce Ohr and his impending testimony with Congress.

Issa responds with a signal to Pres Trump that Congress needs the documents declassified.

Issa discusses Ohr’s behavior and that of the Obama people involved in the set up and the subsequent coverup of the special counsel.

He says, “How could they ethically not disclose these conflicts of interest and contacts?”

He continues, “the word bias gets thrown around all the time. So lets move past the question of ‘Can you prove bias?’. Can you prove unethical behavior? On it’s face. That’s what we have.”

Specifically, “failure to disclose contacts. THAT shouldn’t have happened. His [Ohr’s] own conflict because of his wife. Clearly, these contacts that make it seem like the Department of Justice had a program designed to keep Donald Trump from becoming President.”

Issa states, “We are not getting the answers we want,” from the DOJ or FBI. They continue to stonewall the congressional committees.

Then with the proverbial megaphone, you can almost see the big red letters as Issa says in a calm, low and steady voice, “What we need CLEARLY is an ORDER from the President. Around the Attorney General, if necessary, that the Department of Justice FULLY COMPLIES WITH CONGRESS. PERIOD.”

Issa continues, “I believe the Attorney General and his recusal has created a stumbling block when which his Deputy [Rod Rosenstein] has chosen NOT TO COMPLY.”

The California Republican also discloses that the one of the techniques the previous administration uses to stonewall Congress is to say they won’t comment on “ongoing investigations that never ends” and that  will stop the oversight committees from continuing.

He then reminds Fox and Friends and the American people about a tragedy that occurred during the Obama era. Furthermore, Congress is STILL not getting answers on THAT case, either.

The former Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says, “People. Remember Brian Terry? Gunned down during the early parts of the Obama administration. We still don’t have all the answers on THAT.”

In closing, would you like to see POTUS declassify those documents too?

WATCH this POWER packed interview as Issa discusses the Congressional Oversight work on “getting to the TRUTH” with Abby Huntsman.