Judge Jeanine Reveals Why She Knows Pres Trump Is Being Framed By Mueller

Last night, Mark Levin, CRTV anchor was in a power packed interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News’ Justice.

Levin discussed the protections of the Constitution and tells WHY President Trump is being targeted.

Can a President be indicted? Can a President be subpoenaed?

Mark Levin clearly said that after scouring the Department of Justice memos, in their own words, they have stated that a sitting President cannot be indicted because the Constitution supports that position. 

Additionally, Mueller can subpoena the President of the United. It’s the President’s response to the subpoena that is protected under the Constitution.

The CRTV host said that Mueller should not be issuing any subpoenas to the President because there is nothing to subpoena him about.

If Mueller needs answers “to fill gaps in his massive investigation of NOTHING,” he continues, what he has is a “broad effort to ask broad questions” to try and bring down a sitting President.

As Levin said, Mueller “thinks the President is Martha Stewart. He’s not. He’s the President of the United States.” He has Constitutional protections.

Should the President fire Mueller? 

Levin does not believe that President Trump should fire Mueller right now, although it is well within POTUS’ power and Constitutional rights to do so. Mueller is a “subordinate.”

Levin says he shouldn’t fire him, “because he has Mueller on the ropes believe it or not. The President wraps himself in his Constitutional prerogatives and he dukes it out.”

“You cannot have a single prosecutor accountable to no-one. Elected by nobody, having the power to take down a sitting President of the United States,” Levin tells the Judge.

President Trump won the election fair and square through our Constitution.

Judge Jeanine and Mark Levin get to the legal heart of the Witch Hunt.

The Judge and Levin revealed how they know Pres Trump is being hunted and that the Mueller team is simply looking for a reason to bring down POTUS.

Mark said, “There’s been no conduct of the President of the United States that merits any criminal investigation. Do you want to know how I know that, Judge? Because when Mr. Mueller was appointed there was NO criminal statute cited on Mr. Rosenstein’s appointment in the first place.”  BOOM! There it IS.

The Mueller witch hunt team, created a phony dossier to try and bring down the President of the United States. Moreover, all the evidence sits in plain sight for the American people to see the truth. Furthermore, the President is protected by the Constitution.

President Trump tweets Judge’s opening statement. 

The Judge called out Mueller and looked directly into the camera.

POTUS tweeted what Pirro tells Mueller, “Bob Mueller, isn’t your whole investigation premised on a Fake Dossier, paid for by Hillary, created by a man who hates Donald Trump, & used to con a FISA Court Judge. Bob, I really think it’s time for you to give up your phony investigation.” No Collusion!

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President Trump’s tweet:

In ending, are you outraged by the continued attempts of the left trying to delegitimatize our duly elected President?