With A Bold Notion, Giuliani Wiped Away All Of Mueller’s Work To Take Out Trump

Rudy Giuliani hit the airwaves on Fox News’ “Media Buzz” with Howard Kurtz.

The pair discussed the Mueller investigation in an open and frank interview on how the public has turned away from the Mueller Witch Hunt.

According to polls, it’s true! The American people do not trust that Mueller is objective any longer.

Boston Globe reports, “Polls show that Republicans are losing faith in Mueller’s objectivity. In November, some 41 percent of Republicans said they thought that he was conducting a fair investigation into any links or coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. In April, that number was 26 percent.”

One of the big issues is the midterm elections. If the Mueller probe goes into 90 days before the midterms of November 6th, then it is widely accepted that it is politically motivated. Something the DOJ has already been accused of under Obama.

Ironically, it was CNN who announced, “the last memo on the topic issued by Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016 states: “politics must play no role in the decisions of federal investigators or prosecutors regarding any investigations or criminal charges.'” To be clear, President Trump has no criminal charges.

Certainly, the memo was written to help Hillary out since she was under criminal charges going into the 2016 Presidential election. It just so happens it also works for the ill-started Mueller special counsel investigation on President Trump. Mueller has to follow those rules.

Howard points to the media war on the Mueller case.

Recently, a New York Times, reporter, Nick Confessore took Rudy’s words out of context and Rudy was having NO PART of it. Confessore was spinning it so hard that it’s surprising his head didn’t twist off! He said, “what he [Rudy Giuliani] said in that interview that the President’s story if told to Mueller would put him into perjury. So, what he’s saying is the President’s story is wrong. It’s a lie. He just admitted it on National TV.”

With his arms crossed in a power position, Giuliani said, “Howie, let’s examine that. I don’t know if he’s being deliberately like that. Or if he’s a COMPLETE MORON. But the reality is you can be accused of perjury when you’re telling the absolute TRUTH.

Then Giuliani gives the example that Comey could set the trap for perjury with President Trump by lying about the Flynn case.

Rudy gave the example, that if someone said he went to Howie’s house last night. And under oath, Rudy says, ‘No, I didn’t go to Howie’s house last night’. But, they elect to believe Howie. Then a perjury trap has been successfully set because it is under Mueller’s jurisdiction to choose who to believe.

The Mueller probe will be held in the court of PUBLIC OPINION.

Since there is no court case because there was never a crime committed by the President. And since it is being proven that the Mueller probe was started in a nefarious fashion, the Mueller probe will end in the court of public opinion.

The reality is this is not a court case,” said Giuliani, the former prosecutor and Republican mayor of New York City. “Public opinion will be very important. Think of it this way, they are our jury, our grand jury,” as reports the Washington Examiner.

WATCH below as Howie and Rudy hash it out in court of public opinion! 

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