After Democrat Senator Says Russia Hacked FL Election, Rick Scott Eats His Lunch

Florida, the Sunshine State is in a heated battle for the midterm elections. There’s a lot at stake.

Specifically, Florida represents 29 electoral votes for the 2020 election. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Musical chairs in Florida! 

Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) who supports the Trump agenda is now running to unseat, three-term incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). Gov Scott wants his seat in D.C.

He is running against seventy-five year old Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson (D-FL).

Congressman Rep Ron DeSantis (R-FL), another Pro-Trump supporter is running for Rick Scott’s position as Governor!

The race is heating up and the Democrats are lying and then hiding from the Florida people.

Recently, Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) made allegations that Russians hacked Florida’s voting system while blazing on the campaign trail.

Tallahassee’s local station, WCTV reports what Nelson said twice in a week with his rhetoric in an attempt to undermine his competitor, Gov Scott (R-FL).

WCTV reports, “They’ve [Russians] already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free reign to move about,” said Nelson. When asked to elaborate, he called the information classified.” 

Florida’s current Governor Scott, who is running against Nelson for his seat on Capitol Hill, is invited onto Fox News for clarity on ‘what happened’ .

Scott is on Fox to clear the allegation’s that Russia hacked the elections which were falsely made by Nelson.

For the record, “Fox News reached out to Nelson but his team did not respond,” said the Fox anchor.

Gov. Rick Scott slams Senator Nelson for his false allegation that Florida was hacked by Russians.

Senator Scott said as Governor he took Nelson’s claim seriously and so his team acted upon Nelson’s claim.

The Fox anchor asks if Scott has heard anything in his capacity as Governor.

Gov Scott replies, “Not only have we heard nothing, we reached out to Homeland Security. Reached out to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, we’ve reached out to FBI, and NO-ONE can confirm what he said.” 

The Florida Governor and Senate hopeful replies, “So, now he’s basically clammed up. He [Nelson] won’t talk to any Floridians. We can’t find him. He won’t talk to the media. He’s trying to act like he didn’t say this. But he said it happened. Then he said it’s classified. And then he said, ‘oh, they won’t release information.” 

The bottom line: Scott says Nelson “simply made it up or he released classified information.”

Getting to the heart of the matter, Gov Scott says of the Democrats, “They shouldn’t be out there trying to scare citizens of my State. I want to make sure people KNOW that their vote matters in this State.” 

WATCH as Fox News anchors interview Florida Gov Rick Scott. 

In ending, the Fox anchor made an on-air invitation to Senator Bill Nelson to hear his side in an effort to “be fair.” Would you like to see Gov Scott take the D.C. Senate seat away from the Democrat? Drop your comment below! Also, scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBSCRIBE button for more great content!