Corey Lewandowski Comes Forward & Burns A Wide Hole Through Omarosa’s Story

Omarosa Manigault is running around the country in an effort to paint the POTUS as a racist!

Her book is being proven to be riddled with falsehoods. Additionally, people who know President Trump very well, defend him with great valor.

People like Corey Lewandowski defend POTUS.

Corey was on Fox & Friends recently and he put Omarosa in her place as he said with great passion, “I have been around President Trump a long time. Thousands of hours.”

Never have I heard him use a racist word. Never have I ever heard him use a racist phrase. And that’s the point I try to get across here,” Corey tells Peter Doocy’s father, Steve.

“But look, Steve, even the media coverage from that. They were the left wing liberals [who] said ‘Corey Lewandowski defended… things’ that I just didn’t do because they didn’t want to look at this the way it really was,” Corey said.

“Which I said you have to try and get along with everybody. Which is what I said in the Sacha Baron Cohen piece,” Lewandowski said which begs the question, what did we miss on the Cohen show?

See Video below!

.: “I have been around President Trump a long time, thousands of hours. Never have I heard him use a racist word.”

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen? 

Sacha Baron Cohen is a prankster. A British comedian who sets-up documentary style interviews and pranks the participants. He invites people “who do not realize they are being set up for comic situations and self-revealing ridicule.”

He invited Corey onto his show called “Who is America?” and posed as a White Nationalist to ensnare Lewandowski. Corey did NOT fall for his trap!

Photo credit to Business Insider. Corey Lewandowski and Sacha Baron Cohen on "Who Is America?" Twitter/Sacha Baron Cohen

Photo credit to Business Insider. Corey Lewandowski and Sacha Baron Cohen on “Who Is America?” Twitter/Sacha Baron Cohen

Lewandowski didn’t fall for the prank. 

Corey didn’t fall for the trap when “Cohen posed as a conspiracy theorist to question Lewandowski about race relations and fascism,” as reports Business Insider.

We shouldn’t fall for Omarosa’s ploy, either. 

Omarosa has been running around the Country telling LIES about POTUS. She is trying to trap us into thinking POTUS said racist things and is a racist.

But what is her motivation? To sell books…for money. Apparently, ‘Trump-hate’ sells these days.

Who is America to believe? One wacky Omarosa or the dozens of people who know DJT well and say Pres Trump is not a racist?

It seems the left will stop at nothing to drop his favorability ratings!

In ending, do you think POTUS is a racist? Drop your comment below and tell us what you think about this latest attack on the President.