Jordan Drops A MOAB On The Entire Leak Gang Following Brennan’s Devastation

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) joined Fox News Thursday in an explosive interview discussing Bruce Ohr’s upcoming hearing set for August 28th.

Bruce Ohr will testify on contacts with the dossier author Christopher Steel. (Video Below)

During his interview, Jordan explained that former FBI agent Peter Strzok admitted during his testimony that the FBI was getting parts of the dossier from Bruce Ohr who is a Justice Department official.

Next, he broke it down explaining exactly what corruption went on during the 2016 president election.

Jordan said, “Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for the firm that hired the Clinton’s hired to put together the dossier. She’s giving it to Bruce Ohr. He’s giving it to the FBI.” He added, “It’s never supposed to work that way in the United States of America. But in fact it did!”

Next, they dressed up the dossier, took it to the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. (Video Below)

Jordan explained that Ohr will be questioned on his relationship with Glen Simpson who is the head of Fusion GPS, and Christopher Steel, who put together the dossier.

“It seems like he’s a key player, his name keeps coming up.” Jordan declared.

The conversation then lead to John Brennan who just lost his security clearance. (Video Below)

Jordan stated that Brennan doesn’t know anything more than what Congress knows and he’s spouting off stuff because he’s mad. Simply put: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Jordan Drops A MOAB On The Entire Leak Gang Following Brennan’s Devastation

“Here’s what I know….” Jordan continued, “John Brennan leaked information to Harry Reid… lost his clearance. James Clapper lied under oath in the intel committee in the Senate. James Comey has been fired for leaking information. Andy McCabe lied three times under oath and has been fired. Sally Yates fired. Peter Strzok demoted then fired. Lisa Page demoted then left the FBI. Jim Baker, Chief counsel at the FBI demoted then left.”

“I think all those people frankly should loose their clearance. Particularly when you have that kind of history of leaking, demoted, fired… why should you have a clearance?” Jim Jordan asked.

On Wednesday Rep. Jordan tweeted, “Brennan loses security clearance. -Clapper lied under oath -Rice blamed Benghazi on a video -Comey fired -McCabe fired -Strzok fired -Yates fired -Page demoted, then left -Ohr demoted If any of these folks still have a clearance, they should lose it too.”

(Video Below)

On Thursday, Jordan asked, “Why should FBI and DOJ officials keep their security clearance when they’re fired or caught leaking? Of course they should lose their clearance.” (Video Below)



Rep. Jim Jordan is SPOT ON!

Do you agree that all the swamp rats listed above should lose their security clearance? Let us know what you think in the comments below.