Amid Brennan’s Fallout, Pres Trump Announces The Next Swamp Rat On His List

Friday morning President Donald J. Trump departed to South Hampton, NY for a round table event before heading to New Jersey for the weekend.

The President was stopped by the press pool, and he without hesitation he  answered a few of the reporters questions with some fiery statements relating to the swamp. (Video Below)

While speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House Friday morning, President Trump said that he may take away the security clearance of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, the firm that created the phony dossier on then-candidate Trump.

“I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace. I suspect I’ll be taking it away very quickly!” The President declared.

President Trump’s remarks come after his decision Wednesday to yank the security clearance of anti-Trump and former CIA Director John Brennan, claiming Brennan improperly politicized his former role.`

The Commander in Chief also noted that he believed Steele’s links to Russians, and Ohr’s conduct, should be the subject of greater scrutiny. (Video Below)

“They should be looking at Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie for dealing with by the way indirectly with the Russians. They should be looking at Steele. They should be looking at all these FBI guys who got fired and demoted. It’s not us, it’s a rigged witch hunt.” The President stated.

“Bruce Ohr is a disgrace with his wife Nellie. For him to be in the Justice Department and be doing what he did, that is a disgrace. That is disqualifying for Mueller. And Mr. Mueller has a lot of conflicts also, directly himself. … Mr. Mueller is highly conflicted. In fact, Comey is like his best friend. I could go into conflict after conflict.” President Trump declared.

Trump said on Twitter last week: “The big story that the Fake News Media refuses to report is lowlife Christopher Steele’s many meetings with Deputy A.G. Bruce Ohr and his beautiful wife, Nelly. It was Fusion GPS that hired Steele to write the phony & discredited Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary & the DNC.” (Video Below)

The President also told reporters that he defends his decision to revoke Brennan’s clearance rather than silence an opponent, in turn giving the ex-CIA director a bigger platform.

“Many people don’t even know who he is,” the President said, adding: “I like taking on voices like that. I’ve never respected him.”

In a statement released earlier this week, President Trump said, “Mr.Brennan’s lying and recent conduct, characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary, is wholly inconsistent with access to the Nation’s most closely held secrets and facilitates the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos.”

Brennan responded in a Thursday op-ed in the New York Times, claiming “Mr. Trump’s claims of no collusion are, in a word, hogwash.”

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This is HUGE! President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp and he is keeping his promises.

Are you happy to see the swamp rats crumbling? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

(H/T Washington Examiner)