Judge Ellis Reveals Horrifying Details Of How Manafort’s Trial Has Personally Hit Him

The presiding judge in the Virginia Manafort trial is now under protection for threats he has received!

Judge T.S. Ellis “travels with U.S. Marshals, as he turned back a media request to release juror information,” reports Fox News. 

The Jury will reconvene on Monday. Today ends the second day of deliberations. There has been no verdict yet.

The media asked Judge Ellis to release the names of the jurors in a motion, which led to Ellis immediately denying them.

Judge Ellis refused the media’s request for Juror’s names.  

The Judge told Fox News, “I can tell you there have been [threats]. … I don’t feel right if I release their names,” he said, adding that because of threats against him, “The Marshals go where I go.”

Fox News cites, “U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, in rejecting the motion, argued that he’s confident the jurors would be threatened as well if their information were to be made public.

Who are the media who want the names of the jurors? 

“The juror motion itself was filed by multiple news organizations – the Washington Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, NBC, Politico and BuzzFeed. They sought to unseal records in the case, including information about the jurors, Fox News says.

“Rejecting the request about the jury, Ellis said “to [grant it] would create a risk of harm to them,” Fox reports.

In ending, considering Judge Ellis himself is traveling with a team of U.S. Marshalls for protection, do you think it is wise for him NOT to release the names of the jurors?

If you were a Juror, would you want YOUR name released? Drop you comment below and let us know if you would or not!

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