Rand Paul Comes Forward & Polishes Off John Brennan For Good

Rand Paul (KY-R)  joins Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle in a power packed interview that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Laura and Rand boldly discuss what the leftist mainstream media is ignoring about Brennan not keeping his National security clearance. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Keep in mind, Brennan voted for the Communist Party candidate in 1976, Gus Hall. Instead of Carter or Ford, he voted for the communist! Then, Brennan entered the CIA in 1980.

Laura asks Rand about the part he plays in the revocation of security clearances.

The Kentucky Senator says, “I think he should have had his security clearance revoked for cause.” Furthermore, Paul tells us that he would like to see more clearances reviewed, like Peter Strzok.

Three facts the left ignores about Brennan:

Rand then reminds Laura and the viewers, “You know, he leaked information that came out in the media that we had a double agent in Yemen. Remember when we were going after the ‘underwear bomber’?”

Rand continues, “There still is a bomb-maker in Yemen, he leaked that to the media. To Richard Clarke –  who had a security clearance. Then he went on the television saying “Oh not to worry, we have a double agent in Yemen. The double agent was still there!  And he put that agent’s life at risk. John Brennan should have been fired for THAT alone.”

Laura says, “And then the spying on the Senate Committee.”

She tells us how Senator Feinstein asked about the Brennan crew “spying on [her] staff’s computers.” And Laura tell us that Brennan denied it.

Then with amusement in her voice, Laura tells us when the results were available “from the documents. Turns out – they were totally spying!”

Could it have anything to do with the Feinstein Chinese spy on her staff for twenty years? Was Brennan lifting information from him to work for or against America?

Remember, Brennan voted for the communist party in the 1976 Presidential election.

Rand shakes his head yes in agreement and tells the THIRD incident regarding Brennan and why he should have been fired under Obama.

Senator Paul says, “There’s also a question of whether he lied to the House Intelligence Committee when he said he did not know who paid for the fake Trump dossier.”

Rand continues and says that Brennan “said, ‘I didn’t know.’ So there’s two possibilities. He’s either lying or he’s incompetent. Because if he’s in charge of the CIA and they’re using this fake dossier and NO-ONE bothered to ask who paid for it?”

To hit the point home, Rand Paul says, “So the head of the CIA doesn’t know that this fake dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign? That’s either incompetent or he’s lying.”

MORE on Brennan’s public melt down. 

Now, Brennan is suggesting that the President is accountable to Putin and not to the American voters.

What a weak attempt at separating President Trump from his base!

President Trump’s favorability ratings are really getting under the skin of the left! They will try anything!

Laura says of Brennan, “The man is UNHINGED.”

Rand says that Brennan calls the “commander in chief…treasonous which apparently that would be advocating for the death penalty of the President, and yet he still wants access to the Nation’s secrets. Crazy.” 

WATCH as Rand and Laura lay down three reasons WHY Brennan needed his clearance revoked! 

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