Lou Dobbs Looks Into The Camera & Unveils The Fastest Method Trump Can Drain The Swamp

Friday night on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs gave a few thoughts on DC and the affairs of the men and women in the nations capitol.

Dobbs sums it up perfectly in his commentary with his no-nonsense truth, while displaying everything clearly written boldly on the screen. (Video Below)

The President was stopped by the press pool before leaving for NJ for the weekend, and he without hesitation, he answered a few of the reporters questions with some fiery statements relating to the swamp on Friday.

The President told reporters that he defends his decision to revoke Brennan’s clearance rather than silence an opponent, in turn giving the ex-CIA director a bigger platform.

“Many people don’t even know who he is,” the President said, adding: “I like taking on voices like that. I’ve never respected him.”

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John Brennan’s security clearance was taken away because of his “erratic conduct and behavior.”

Lou Dobbs blasted self righteous swamp rat, John Brennan, Friday night after his security clearance was yanked from President Trump and the swamp hates it.

Dobbs explained, “Brennan has been publicly attacking Mr. Trump even while he was still director of the CIA. Viciously so. And, Brennan has broken with tradition and civility: he is the first former intelligence agency head to politicize his public service, to inject himself into Presidential politics and to recruit the heads of other agencies to attack the President of the United States.”

However, Lou Dobbs declared that Brennan is possibly guilty of far more. (Video Below)

Dobbs stated, “The President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani says that Brennan was the central figure in orchestrating the phony Russian Witch Hunt, and should be put in front of a Grand Jury.”

Dobbs asked, “Why did Brennan have a security clearance in the first place?” He added, “Because that’s how the swamp works.”

The usual excuse for retaining those security clearances after service as political appointees is to provide “continuity” or to preserve their knowledge should they be needed in a succeeding administration.

Dobbs blasted that notion stating, “Those clearances are actually coin of the Swamp…enabling those who serve the nation to monetize their membership in a large and powerful club the Washington establishment, or as it’s better known as the Swamp.”

Dobbs got to the point asking where were all the officials when Brennan was hurling insults at the President? (Video Below)

“The sight of Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey sitting like magpies on a fence attacking Mr. Trump should have drawn the notice of the former intel officials.” Dobbs declared.

Where were the officials when Brennan lied while denying the spying of the CIA on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee? Where were they when the Senate abdicated its oversight of the of the agency and permitted President Obama to politicize the CIA, DOJ, IRS and FBI? Dobbs inquired.

“Shame on the 70 spy masters and your little letter, you do yourselves a disservice in ignoring Brennan’s sordid history. And you do the nation a disservice in not standing for our President and the Constitution which requires Congressional oversight of the very agency that those officials have led!” Dobbs exclaimed.

Lou Dobbs Looks Into The Camera & Unveils The Fastest Method Trump Can Drain The Swamp:

“The President is the true patriot in all of this and I hope he will end the wrong headed convention of permitting wholesale retention of security clearances by political appointees.” Dobbs said.

Lou begged, “Please lift those clearances, Mr. President, and this Swamp will drain a lot faster!”



BOOM. Dobbs is spot on!

Do you agree with Lou Dobbs that the clearances removed by the President will drain the Swamp a lot faster?

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