Bartiromo Calls Out The Next Two Stooges Who Should Have Their Sec. Clearance Pulled

On Sunday morning, Maria Bartiromo appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the aftermath of John Brennan losing his security clearance, who she thinks is next and what is to come from the new revelations stemming from Christopher Steele’s texts.

Bartiromo has been following all of the action since day 1, and she believes there are more that should lose their security clearance, among many other consequences for their actions. Today, Maria was ready to point out who she thinks should be President Trump’s next target(s). Video Below

Maria strongly believes that Bruce Ohr and Sally Yates need to be the next former officials who President Trump needs to consider pulling security clearances from.

Maria said Bruce Ohr without a doubt needs looked more into. She also said depending on what Ohr says in front of Congress at the end August, Sally Yates may need looked into as well.

Bartiromo points out how Yates was the former Assistant Deputy Attorney General before Rod Rosenstein. Therefore, she was Bruce Ohr’s boss and was also responsible for signing the first two controversial FISA warrants, which eventually led to the spying of President Trump’s campaign.

Video Below

Maria then touched a little more in depth on Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, and how they profited off the Dirty Dossier that they helped peddle with foreign agent Christopher Steele..

She made an interesting point when she declared:

“People are understanding that something went horribly wrong during the 2016 election, that the left basically threw away their ideals & their values and the things that we hold so dear in this country – that is freedom and our democracy – because it was Trump.” Video Below

Maria Bartiromo Suggests Who Should Lose Their Security Clearance Next

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Who do you think should be next to lose their security clearance? Scroll down below and sound off!