TRUMPED: Brennan Will Second-Guess Suing After What Trump Just Unleashed On Him

The Brennan who cries WOLF! 

This isn’t the first time Brennan has cried that he would bring a lawsuit. It may, however, be the last time he thinks about suing!

After having his security clearance yanked by President Trump, Brennan threatens a lawsuit and considers suing the Trump administration.

While on MSNBC with Chuck Todd, the Obama-era CIA Director says, “I have been contacted by a number of lawyers, and they have already given me their thoughts about the basis for a complaint, an injunction to try to prevent him from doing this in the future.”

Brennan continues on Meet The Press, “I am going to do whatever I can personally to try to prevent these abuses in the future,” he added. “And if it means going to court, I will do that,” reports The Daily Caller.

President Trump has a response for Brennan!

And BOY is it ever a dead-ringer! POTUS says:

“I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit. It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt.” He won’t sue!”

POTUS tweets the American WHY the Obama-era admins are afraid to lose their clearances. He says:

“Everybody wants to keep their Security Clearance, it’s worth great prestige and big dollars, even board seats, and that is why certain people are coming forward to protect Brennan. It certainly isn’t because of the good job he did! He is a political “hack.”

Then in a quick turn, POTUS sets his sights back onto Bruce Ohr and his impending testimony in front on the joint congressional committees on August 28th. Pres Trump asks Sessions a very burning question! He tweets:

“Will Bruce Ohr, whose family received big money for helping to create the phony, dirty and discredited Dossier, ever be fired from the Jeff Sessions “Justice” Department? A total joke!”

The ‘thing’ about POTUS’s tweets:

You have to appreciate President Trump’s willingness to EXPOSE what is going on in Washington D.C.

When the media, the Democrats and the Special Counsel are all working to sway the American voters against our duly elected President, Pres Trump is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stinky swamp.

SEE TWEETS below: 

Also, tell us what you think about Brennan suing the Trump administration! Do you think he will do it?

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