Sarah Huckabee Sanders Faced Her Father & Revealed The Secret Behind Her Success

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on her father Mike Huckabee’s self-titled program “Huckabee” on TBN.

Mike interviewed Sarah in what was a breath of fresh air compared to many other programs seen on TV, which Sarah and other members of President Trump’s administration are often bashed. Video Below

During the interview, Sarah was able to open up on what is behind her day-to-day success as she faces the many challenges with her job, including the dirty mainstream media.

The crowd cheered Sarah on, to which she commented, “I like this crowd a lot better than my day job,” as she vented on what gets her through some of the nasty moments in career. This came after Mike brought up the White House correspondents dinner, where comedian Michelle Wolf slammed Sarah in front of everyone.

Sarah said, “There are moments when you would like to pretend it didn’t happen. But at the same time I feel like it’s those moments that make you a little stronger and put you in a better place for the next day.”

Video Below

When asked what keeps her from becoming bitter in politics, Sarah said she owes a lot of gratitude to her father and mother for helping her become who she is after seeing what they went through.

She said what drives her is the thought of being “on the front row of history and to actually play a part in it. And to feel like you are impacting change and impacting it for the greater good.” That is what keeps her pushing through instead of “cowering down.”

Most importantly, however, Sarah said, “having the support system of family, faith and friends is the only way you can get through every day.” Video Below

Sarah Sanders Speaks With Her Father Mike Huckabee On What Is Behind Her Success As Press Secretary

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In ending, are you proud to have Press Secretary Sarah Sanders representing our America First President? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!