Dershowitz Reveals What’s Behind The Smoke & Mirrors Of Cohen’s Plea Deal

After a bad day for Manafort and Cohen, Alan Dershowitz joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News and revealed the legalities of what is truly happening without the leftist media spin.

In an EXPLOSIVE interview, Dershowitz, retired Harvard Law professor, breaks it down and backs it up with precedence! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Tucker begins with a review for the audience that Cohen moved money from then-candidate Trump’s “accounts to a woman who said she had physical contact with Trump.”

Carlson also reveals, “that’s a very common scenario around famous people.” Then he asks Dershowitz pointedly, “Is that illegal? How is that a crime?”

Dershowitz replies in a stunning legal oration!

Dershowitz begins, “Well, in and of itself it is not a crime. And if the President had paid it directly it would not be a crime. The allegation here is that it was Cohen who paid it. And made a campaign contribution which he didn’t report, at the direction of the President.” 

Dershowitz points out, “Of course, some stations are already playing the funeral music for President Trump. But this is much more complicated. And much more nuance.”

“First of all, the crime itself is very very vague,” the retired law professor states.

Derahowitz continues:

“They tried to put Edwards, the former Presidential candidate on trial. And of course, it got an acquittal. 

Second, it really requires the credibility… of Cohen. And remember as Judge Ellis said when they squeeze people like Manafort or Cohen, “They squeeze them not only to sing. But, sometimes to compose. And it’s very easy to embellish a story.”

Let’s assume, hypothetically –  it’s true. That he did pay the money. And it was designed to help the impact of the election. That wouldn’t involve the President. 

All he has to do then, is say, ‘and the President directed me to do it.’ 

That’s the kind of embellishment  that people put on a story when you want to avoid dying in prison.

We’re a LONG way for tolling the bells for this administration. It’s a negative day but not a fatal one.”  

Dershowitz reveals: 

Violation of election laws, are regarded as a kind of jay walking. In the realm of things, about elections. And there are so many of them. Every administration violates the election laws. Every candidate violates the election laws when they run for President. Usually, there’s a fine. Here. They are trying to elevate this to an impeachable offense or a felony against the President. 

Look, they may name the President as an ‘unindicted co-conspirator.’ They did that with Nixon, even back then I complained about that. Because naming someone as an “unindicted co-conspirator” is very unfair. Because he has no opportunity to defend  himself or herself. And yet, that may happen.

So, this is the beginning of a story that will unravel over time. But it is not nearly as deadly lethal as some would have portrayed it as being.” – (Transcription by US4Trump.)


In closing, what are you thinking about Cohen? Is he being honest about saying President Trump told him to do it? Or, is he just trying to keep himself from rotting in prison?

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