Bongino Delivers Multiple Power Punches, Knocks Mueller, Brennan & The DOJ Into Dissaray

On Saturday, Dan Bongino appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the latest developments surrounding former CIA Director John Brennan, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Bob Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt’ on President Trump.

As always, Dan was more than prepared and landed multiple high-energy swings, while warning the President and the American people of the dangers that are to come if action isn’t taken soon. See Below

Bongino started off by leveling John Brennan over his recent remarks to Bill Maher suggesting Trump is causing division that could “spill over into the streets.”

Dan responded by saying Brennan’s remarks are worse than his treason talk about the President. Bongino said, “Spill into the streets? Are you serious? This is a constitutional republic, OK. We do our damage in the voting booth. We don’t spill it into the streets and start attacking our neighbors. This is not a violent country. We don’t do that. Why would you say something like that?!”

Bongino calls Brennan “the worst of the worst” and cites the spying scandal he commanded while heading the CIA.

The former secret service agent then turned his attention on President Trump recently putting Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein in the hot seat in a recent Fox interview. Video Below

Bongino warned that this investigation isn’t going to stop. He claims, “They’re going to go after the President. They’re going to go after his family. They’re not investigating collusion.”

He said it’s a tough call but he thinks Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired now. And Sessions needs to go sometime after the midterms. And then that’s when Bongino turned towards Special Counsel Mueller and gave him some attention. He said:

“It’s also time to strongly consider firing Bob Mueller. The special counsel investigation won’t go anywhere. But let’s get someone in there who can legitimately look at Russian collusion, which we know didn’t happen and put this thing to bed!.” Video Below

Dan Bongino Manhandles Brennan, Mueller & The DOJ

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Strong words by Bongino, but it makes sense!

Do you agree with Dan Bongino and think it’s time for some heads to roll? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!