Levin Crushes The Impeach Gang With A Breakthrough Discovery On The Witch Hunt

Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity in a power packed interview last night on Fox News.

Levin destroys the media, pundits and lawmakers who are running around the country and STILL calling for the  impeachment of the President of the United States of America.

The Democrats have been calling for impeachment since BEFORE President Trump’s inauguration.

In April of 2016 – even though Donald Trump was not even the Republican nominee at the time – Politico ran a headline.

The Politico headline was called, “Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office?” And the byline reads, “It’s highly improbable, but law scholars and political junkies are speculating about it.”

Then days BEFORE the 2016 Presidential election, The New York Times ran an article entitled “Donald Trump’s Impeachment Threat.”

After the election, it was Vanity Fair who was quick to join the impeachment fray! Their title was simple, asking the question most liberals wanted so desperately to believe in, “Will Trump be Impeached?”

A month later in December it was, “Democrats are paving the way to impeach Donald Trump.”

The problem is, although the media gives the idea of impeachment far too much coverage – it’s not damaging President Trump’s favorably ratings!

President Trump enjoys a 41% favorable rating per Gallup for the this week. About the same as Reagan at this time in his Presidency.

Mark Levin DESTROYED the ‘Impeachment Gang’ with the LAW and the PEOPLE at his back.

When Sean asked Levin to explain what is going on with the “hysteria that came out last week,” regarding impeachment, Levin answered with FACTS.

First, the CRTV host assured the American people, “Well, the President is actually in great shape when it comes to the law and it comes to impeachment.” 

Then Mark recommended that Republican’s get out and vote in the 2018 midterms. Because that is the BEST way to stop the impeachment nonsense.

Second, Levin stated, “On impeachment – all we have to do is VOTE and make sure the Democrats don’t win. And then he won’t be impeached. There’s an idea!”

Third, no matter what the impeachment gang squawks about, remember, “you cannot impeach a President for something he did before he was President.”

Fourth, Levin brings up the brilliant point that “there is serious doubt on whether Mr. Mueller – in his report – can you use grand jury information that goes public.” 

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Fifth, the host of the Fox News show Life, Liberty and Levin said in no uncertain terms,” a President cannot obstruct justice for firing a subordinate. Period.”

Sixth, in a hilarious throw down, Levin is clearly amused by the latest made up reason the left wants the President impeached.

The left has created a new one called “conspiracy to defraud an election.” Levin wants to know who did the President conspire with? No-one because “there is no such thing.” 

Seventh, and the most revealing. Levin stated, “a sitting President cannot be indicted.” BOOM! Video Below

WATCH as Mark Levin levels the Impeachment Gang! 

In ending, are you ready for the left to stop with the their impeachment theme? Drop your comment below and tell us what you think.