Right After The Testimony, Gaetz Drops A Bombshell That’ll Have Ohr Gagging On His Latte

Bruce Ohr underwent eight hours of intense testimony with the dual congressional intelligence committees on Capitol Hill today.

After the in depth questioning, Matt Gaetz surfaced from behind the closed doors and gave his explosive assessment to Fox News. (VIDEO BELOW)

Lawmakers agree. There are CONFLICTS in Bruce Ohr’s deposition.

Initially, Catherine Herridge reported “Ohr’s answers about the timing and handling of the dossier did not line up with other witnesses.”

Herridge, the chief intelligence correspondent at Fox News continued to give the American people an update on the Ohr deposition.

She said, “Former FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, who sent anti-Trump texts, and Glen Simpson, whose firm- Fusion GPS was being paid by the DNC and the Clinton campaign for the anti-Trump research.”

Then, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) pointed out that there is not only conflict with Ohr’s statements and Simpson’s but also conflict with Lisa Page’s testimony. (VIDEO BELOW)

Issa said, “Which one of them is willing to change their story or face perjury?”

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Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) stated to Fox News, “there are a number of factual conflicts.” And in Gaetz’s no-nonsense style – he declared – “either Bruce Ohr’s lying or Glenn Simpson’s lying.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Additionally, Gaetz gave a second example telling America, “and in another circumstance, either Bruce Ohr is lying or Lisa Page is lying.”

Chad Pergram who covers Congress for FOX News tweeted a jewel about the CONFLICTS in Ohr’s testimony.

Chad Pergram tweeted, “From colleague Catherine Herridge. She [reports] Reps Meadows, Gaetz & Issa say DOJ’s Bruce Ohr is being cooperative answering questions at deposition. Meadows says Ohr’s memory was “imperfect” about key events, adding Ohr is not refusing to answer questions.”




In closing, are you curious to find out WHO is telling the truth? And would you like to know who is LYING to us, the American people?

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