Before Departing, Pres Trump Dropped Off A SURPRISE That Will Leave His Haters Sobbing

President Trump has a wonderful sense of humor!

Not only is he intelligent, tough and an ALL- AMERICAN guy, he also knows how to have FUN!

Throw Back Thursday – President Trump style!

In one of his best TBT (Throw Back Thursday) tweets – where anyone can participate – just like any American –  he likes to play!

Specifically, this throw back is amazingly uplifting and an incredible amount of fun to watch!

First, it began with the famous escalator ride as then Mr. Trump and Melania ride into his announcement speech more than three years ago!

The video then shows the highlights as he said we need a leader who can “bring back our jobs…manufacturing…military and take care of our vets.” (Continued below.)

Who would have thought THEN that he would become President Trump NOW?

Moreover, who would have thought that he would keep his word and bring all of those things back to the American people?

Well, there were 63 million of us who voted for him and had faith that he could do it. And he did! (More below.)

In a hilarious throw down of the Doomsday Naysayers – the TBT showed clips of how wrong they were!

The video showed the failed logic of George Clooney, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and Stephen Colbert.

And in an epic error of judgement, Barrack Hussein Obama is caught on tape forever proclaiming “Mr. Trump will not be President!”

Next up to bat to showcase their extreme ‘wrongness’ were Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, MSNBC’s Trevor Noah, Jerry Springer and Rachel Maddow – all WRONGLY claiming that Donald Trump would not be President.

Boy oh boy – did they ever underestimate the power of WE THE PEOPLE!

TBT election night!

Get ready to laugh and enjoy as the election night results steam roll in.

Watch as Shepherd Smith of Fox News was forced to announce the final State of Pennsylvania’s results which clearly made Donald Trump the winner and our President-Elect! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Next, listen to the eloquent words of Vice President Pence as he introduces and ushers President-Elect Trump to the American people and to the world!

WATCH President Trump’s Throw Back Thursday video! 

In closing, are you still smiling from the warm memory of Donald J. Trump winning the election as our 45th President of the United States?

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