ROUND TWO: Trump Takes Off His Gloves After Knocking Out Enormous Media Whoppers

President Trump was on a roll Thursday morning, handing out fresh beat downs and he didn’t hold anything back.

The President calls it like he see’s it, giving it straight to the America people while triggering his haters.

President Trump took to twitter Thursday morning slamming the anti-Trump fake news that continues to spew the airwaves.

In a 7 part tweet storm, the President pushed back at CNN, NBC News, and even took at jab at Jeff Zucker, calling him “Little Jeff Z.”

Additionally, Trump called out the fake news for trying to push falsehoods and conspiracy theories of why Don McGahn is leaving the White House.

Their speculations once again turn to be nothing more than plain WRONG. (Continued Below)

President Trump tweeted Thursday:

“The hatred and extreme bias of me by @CNN has clouded their thinking and made them unable to function. But actually, as I have always said, this has been going on for a long time. Little Jeff Z has done a terrible job, his ratings suck, & AT&T should fire him to save credibility!”

“What’s going on at @CNN is happening, to different degrees, at other networks – with @NBCNews being the worst. The good news is that Andy Lack(y) is about to be fired(?) for incompetence, and much worse. When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly!”

“I just cannot state strongly enough how totally dishonest much of the Media is. Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda. This includes fake books, which come out about me all the time, always anonymous sources, and are pure fiction. Enemy of the People!” (Continued Below)

The President didn’t stop there. He continued:

“Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner had NOTHING to do with the so called “pushing out” of Don McGahn.The Fake News Media has it, purposely,so wrong! They love to portray chaos in the White House when they know that chaos doesn’t exist-just a “smooth running machine” with changing parts!”

“The Rigged Russia Witch Hunt did not come into play, even a little bit, with respect to my decision on Don McGahn!”

“I am very excited about the person who will be taking the place of Don McGahn as White House Counsel! I liked Don, but he was NOT responsible for me not firing Bob Mueller or Jeff Sessions. So much Fake Reporting and Fake News!”

“CNN is working frantically to find their “source.” Look hard because it doesn’t exist. Whatever was left of CNN’s credibility is now gone!”

(Continued Below)

President Trump’s Official Tweets: 

(Continued Below)

President Trump pushed back after the news broke of CNN claiming they don’t lie.

Recently, in a painful admission, Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, admitted that Cohen had no knowledge of the meeting after all.

US4Trump reported, “When The Post called Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, at the time to confirm the report, he said as an anonymous source that it was accurate,” the New York Post reported.

Yet, Tuesday – Cohen strikes a plea deal. Then, the same day the Senate Intelligence Committee led by Senator Burr of North Carolina questioned Cohen about the July 27th article.

Suddenly, Cohen and his attorney sing a different tune. According to the New York Post, “Mr. Cohen had testified before the committee that he was not aware of the meeting prior to its disclosure in the press last summer.”

CNN is not retracting their lies which prompted President Trump, Kellyane Conway, and even Don Jr. to point out their lies. See related article below.

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