Chuck Todd Smacked With A Bitter Defeat As His Latest Anti-Trump Prediction Falls Flat

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and his biased far-left liberal reporting on our President blew up in his face yesterday in the most hilarious fashion.

That’s what happens when you bash the President of the United States non-stop on national television. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Chuck reported with an always present undercurrent of globalism as the basis of what is right and what is wrong.

If it’s bad for globalism then it’s bad for Chuck and his incessant parade of globalist thinkers. If it’s good for America then it’s bad for globalism and Chuck.

Someone – hand Todd a towel so he can wipe the egg off of his face.

During the panel, as Chuck sat back casually and held his head haughtily, he spun a rumor with the skill of a thirteen-year-old junior high school cheerleader.

As if he sat at the lunch table ready to let loose on the biggest piece of gossip that would certainly gain him instant “popular” status. (Continued below.)

He poised himself for this big speech. Then with his own arm he wrapped himself in comfort giving himself courage to speak up and defend his dearest friend, Bob Mueller.

Wagging his finger in the air, he declared, “Here’s what I know about Bob Mueller.”

Not a single person that has known him, been with him, worked with him, would say – that IF he didn’t have anything he would have ENDED this investigation if there was no collusion,” Chuck said. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

After his big bid for Mueller’s acceptance, Todd arrogantly held his head high and looked for approval from his peers.

Apparently, the only adult in the room, Brad the Republican strategist, brings Chuck back to the adult table and said, “We can’t tell that, though, until HE tells us.”

Naturally, Chuckie gives in and said, “That’s true,” and just like that – Chuck Todd morphed back into a 46-year-old man.

Chuck Todd goes further down the Rabbit Hole and makes a prediction!

Well, the adult in him could only last so long. A short few minutes later, like a school kid discussing skipping school, he announced, “I’m not missing work tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t miss work tomorrow. It’s the last business day of the pre-Labor Day to Election Day window,” he said insinuating that Bob Mueller would hand down an indictment on the President. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Again, he was corrected that only Congress can handle these matters when it comes to a sitting President.

Chuck Todd’s big hoped for BOMBSHELL of an indictment befalling the President yesterday, DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Just another trumped-up wish list of the wild liberal left’s imagination. And Chuck Todd is one of the biggest offenders.

WATCH the segment by scrolling all the way toward the end. Then begin at about the 39:00 minute mark. 

In ending, is it time to have the investigators investigated?

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