BLESSINGS: Pr. Jeffress Unveils The Perfect Gift Trump Is About To Give Christians

Pastor Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas joined Fox News for an honest response as to why the Evangelicals continue to support President Donald J. Trump.

And wait until you see what he had to say! You will love it along with the perfect gift President Trump gave to our Nation! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Evangelical’s supported President Trump in the 2016 elections. 

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney lost to Barrack Hussein Obama, in part, because the Evangelicals did not go out and vote for the Republican candidate in 2012.

With 38% of the voters who voted Romney, they did so with reservation or because it was a vote AGAINST Obama, according to Pew Research exit polls.

Then came Donald Trump who embraced the Evangelical’s and listened to their concerns. 

Religious freedom, abortion and Supreme Court choices were of great concern to Evangelical’s the Nation over. (VIDEO BELOW.)

And with 70% of the vote representing Christian values, it’s no wonder they drove in large numbers to the polls to support Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election where he won 81% of the Evangelical vote according to the Pew Research exit polls.

Will the Evangelical’s continue to show this President support? 

Pastor Jeffress replied, “Oh absolutely. I think they will be more motivated in the 2018 Midterms to continue to support this President.”

“Exit polls from 2016 show that the primary reason Evangelical’s voted for President Trump – by the widest margin of any candidate in history – is because of his commitment to a conservative Judiciary,” the Texas Pastor said. (Continued below.) 

“And he’s fulfilling that promise beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations,” Jeffress stated.

The gift President Trump is giving to Evangelical Christians.

Jeffress is referring to all of the Trump administration successes including the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch who replaced the late great Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia.

Additionally, President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Judge Anthony McLeod Kennedy. These are the BEST GIFTS EVER. As they affect the future of our children for a generation or possibly longer.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh’s big day is Tuesday as he undergoes the beginning of his confirmation hearings. (Continued below.)

Pastor Jeffress explained why it is the best gift ever for America and Evangelicals alike.

The Pastor continued and said, “Look, this is why the Court are so important to Evangelical Christians. All the recent assaults against the issues we believe in dearly, like the right to life and the right to religious liberties.”

Specifically, he explained, “These attacks haven’t come from the Executive or the Legislative Branches they’ve come from the Judicial Branch!”

“Activist Judges for the last sixty years have been involved in the campaign to create imaginary rights for some Americans at the expense of very real rights of other Americans,” Pastor Jeffress explained. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Specifically, he cited as example, “removing prayer and Bible reading from the schools in 1962 and 1963. That was based on an imaginary right that people ought to be free from offense from religious expression. There’s no right in the Constitution for that but there is a very real right for the freedom of religious expression.”

“And that’s why people are excited about Judge Kavanaugh. He is a Judge who will interpret the Law by what the Constitution actually says instead of by what the liberals WISH it said.”  – Pastor Jeffress

WATCH full interview below! 

In closing, if Kavanaugh is confirmed then the Supreme Court will be tipped to the Conservative side. There are currently 9 SCOTUS or Supreme Court Justices. With Kennedy leaving and Kavanaugh replacing him the Court will be 6/3 conservative majority on some rulings. And will remain 5/4 conservative majority on other rulings.

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