Pres Trump Celebrates Labor Day By Giving America The Hope & Change Obama Never Could

As America enjoys Labor Day off and prepares to wind down or wind up festivities with friends and family, the Presidential couple is doing the same.

Both the President and the First Lady tweet out Happy Labor Day wishes to ALL Americans. (See tweets below)

It appears the Presidential couple will be spending their Labor Day indoors at the White House. 

As reported by the Conservative Daily News, “President Donald Trump and First Lady are spending their Labor Day weekend in-residence at the White House.”

“And there are no events on his public schedule, CDN further added.

Our thoughtful President cancelled his golf game and everyone went to enjoy their day off work, too! (Continued below)

Around 10:42 EST the President descended from the White House dressed for golf.

But after speaking briefly with someone, he went back inside and the motorcade was canceled,” as reported by Conservative Daily News.

Basically, this meant our kind-hearted President gave up his golf game.  (Continued below)

Further, employees were able go home and enjoy their day with their loved ones.

Brietbart News added a wonderful article with photographs entitled “Fashion Notes: Melania Trump’s 15 Hottest White Looks for Labor Day.” Read here to see the First Lady dispelling the notion that you can’t wear white after Labor Day!

Pres Trump Celebrates Labor Day By Giving America The Hope & Change Obama Never Could

“Happy Labor Day! Our country is doing better than ever before with unemployment setting record lows. The U.S. has tremendous upside potential as we go about fixing some of the worst Trade Deals ever made by any country in the world. Big progress being made!”

“The Worker in America is doing better than ever before. Celebrate Labor Day!” – President Trump 

In a sweet meme, First Lady tweets “Happy Labor Day to our great American workforce!” 

President Trump shared Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ tweet:

Ivanka Trump tweeted:

(Continued below)

In July, President Trump announced the Pledge to America’s Workers. In little more than a month since, MILLIONS of new opportunities have been created for our workforce.

In closing, are you proud of President Trump keeping his promises to the American people for Labor Day?

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