CLASSIC: Republican Congressman Silences A Yelling Protester In The Most Hilarious Way

If you thought Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing was a circus, wait until you see what happened at the Congressional hearing involving some of America’s internet giants.

On Wednesday, the CEO of Twitter faced members of Congress to answer questions revolving around Russian meddling and to give leaders more transparency on how they are handling efforts moving forward.See Below

During his round of questioning, Republican Congressman Greg Walden was rudely interrupted by a protester who was heard yelling at Twitter’s CEO.

Walden was polite and gave the protester a chance to vent whatever she was trying to get out. He did warn that if it continued, she would be removed.

And right when the protester to be shutting their mouth, another congressman countered in the most hilarious way that caused everyone in the room to crack up laughing.

See Below

Republican Congressman Billy Long, who is a former auctioneer, used his talent to button up the protester.

And it was quite funny to hear take place. So funny, that representatives on both sides of the aisle could be heard laughing.

Check It Out Below

Republican Congressman Billy Long Silences Protester In Hilarious Fashion

Too Funny!

Wouldn’t it be great to see a Republican Senator use the same tactic to silence protesters at Kavanaugh’s hearing. Scroll down below and let us know what you think!