Hrs After McCabe Grand Jury Probe Was Exposed, Herridge Drops A BOMB On Comey

Extra! Extra! Read all about it, folks! It finally happened. In a stunning announcement, Catherine Herridge – Chief Intelligence correspondent for Fox News – reported on the unbelievable fate of James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

James Comey, former FBI Director, is now out of the hot seat and he is in the frying pan thanks to Andrew McCabe! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

James Comey and Andrew McCabe are BOTH under investigation.

It finally happened. After the news that McCabe was under a Grand Jury investigation, Catherine announced the news that Comey is also under investigation.

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Yes! You saw that correctly! Yes. It’s true.

If you’re like the rest of us, you may have a difficult time processing this information; however, every word of it is true. Basically, McCabe threw Comey under the bus.

James Comey is now under investigation. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Herridge reviewed McCabe’s case and how it connects to Comey’s investigation.

Because of the Inspector General report from June, it was revealed that McCabe is under Grand Jury investigation as well as Comey.

Furthermore, Herridge reported on the statement that McCabe’s attorney made earlier today. After she reported on the statement that is when she revealed James Comey’s connection and that he is also under investigation.

The statement, in part by McCabe’s attorney reads, “we remain confident that a thorough review of the facts and circumstances related to this matter will demonstrate that there is no basis on which criminal charges should be brought.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Catherine reviewed what the Inspector General found in his report.

“McCabe lied to Federal Investigators about his media contacts. And his roll in a leak to the Wall Street Journal about the existence of the Clinton Foundation investigation in the Fall of 2016,” Catherine said.

Specifically, Catherine told Sandra, “McCabe’s case was referred to the U.S. Attorney – here – in Washington.”

Herridge announced that Comey IS under investigation.

Additionally, Catherine said, “McCabe claims that Director Comey knew about McCabe’s media contacts with reporters. But has tried to distance himself from leaks because Comey – his actions – are also under investigation.”

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Watch the BLOCKBUSTER announcement that Comey is under investigation below: 

In ending, this is receiving little attention from the mainstream media outlets. If you would like to see charges brought to Comey then call your Congressmen and tell them! Click here for quick access to contact them.

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