SAVAGE: Trump Just Humiliated Crooked H Back To The Woods In The Most EPIC Way

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On Sunday morning, the master troller in chief struck again .

President Trump gave his fans and haters a little gift that will surely get under Hillary Clinton and her minion’s skin. (Video Below)

President Trump took to twitter Sunday morning trolling Crooked Hillary while posting a video of her calling Trump supporters “Deplorables.”

In his tweet, the President said “Happy Anniversary! #ProudDeplorable.”

Today marks the two year anniversary Crooked Hillary called Trump supporters Deplorables, but it backfired on her in the most epic way as America rejoiced while wearing the name proudly.

(Video Below)

In President Trump’s video that he posted, music starts with horns playing and Crooked Hillary saying, “You could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of ‘Deplorables.'”

The video continues with Crooked Hillary calling Trump’s supporters, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic… you name it!” She declared while waving her arms around like she knew what she was talking about.

As the video continues, President Trump is speaking at a rally telling the crowd “And, now we’re all PROUD Deplorables…. we’re PROUD Deplorables! Very Proud!” as he moved his hand across his chest signaling it as being wrote all over Trump supporters. The crowd went wild and cheered. (Video Below)

President Trump continues telling the audience, “Your voice will never ever be ignored again. They’re all going to be coming after you for every election from now on. You will never be ignored.”

“I took this job on behalf of the forgotten men and women, but guess what? They are forgotten no more. No more.” Trump declared.

“Your dreams are my dreams. Your hopes are my hopes. And, your future is what I’m fighting for, and everyday.” The President concluded as the crowd cheered.

The video ends with big words across the screen that says, “#ProudDeplorable,” and the audience is chanting “USA!”

Watch the EPIC video below of President Trump trolling Crooked Hillary:


President Trump is the master troller! Don’t you just love it?

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