What Pence Just Declared After Kav Hearing Will Send Dems Back To Loony-Ville

Vice President Mike Pence joined Chis Wallace Sunday on Fox News discussing a number of topics that’s been in the recent news.

Proceeding the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Wallace inquired what Pence thought of the proceedings. (Video Below)

Chris Wallace, during the interview, asked Vice President Mike Pence his thoughts on the hearing, and here’s what he had to say:

“What did you think of the confirmation hearings for judge Brett Kavanaugh?” Wallace asked.

“What did you think of some Democrats who decided to break the rules into release what were committee confidential documents, and how confident are you that he will be on the Supreme Court when it resumes in October?” Wallace wanted to know.

Pence straightforward and blunt replied, “Judge Brett Kavanaugh distinguished himself, many Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee embarrassed themselves. That’s the truth of it.” (Video Below)

The Vice President gave his opinion next of Kavanaugh.

“What the American people saw in judge Brett Kavanaugh is a jurist just like President Trump promised to appoint. Someone of profound intellect. A judicial philosophy to interpret the laws of this country as written, interpret the Constitution as written.”

Pence pointed out that Kavanaugh’s ability to handle the mayhem under intense pressure only further indicated that he was the right man for the job. (RELATED ARTICLE: FIRESTORM: Ted Cruz LIGHTS UP Hearing, Exposes Dems Worst Nightmare)

Next, his reaction of the hearings, particularly the interruptions and protests, was much more critical as the Vice President declared, “But [the American people] also saw, in what was at times a circus in that Judiciary Committee, people shouting behind them and histrionics in the Judiciary Committee among Democrat members. You saw a judge with the temperament to make it through this 12 hour hearing with such dignity.”

Based on Kavanaugh’s record and his presentation in the past week’s hearings, the Vice President said that the administration remains confident that he will be confirmed.


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