Kellyanne Breaks Her Silence, Sends ‘Sleeper Cell’ Author Tiptoing To Their Hiding Spot

Kellyanne Conway who led the way as President Trump’s campaign manager in the 2016 Presidential win, now serves as Counselor to the President.

The White House official was not only the first woman to run a win for a presidential nominee but she also has something to say to the person who wrote the anonymous op-ed. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Fox News asked Kellyanne who wrote the anonymous op-ed essay in the New York Times.

First, Kellyanne stated she didn’t know who the ‘sleeper cell’ author was. Then she said:

Cowards are like criminals. They eventually suss out themselves because they eventually confess or brag to the wrong person. And I suspect that will happen here as well.”

And in the typical Kellyanne style, in one-well organized fast-paced thought – breathlessly – she said:

I think the President should do what he does everyday. Come to work. Improve the economy.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Without missing a beat she continued, “You can’t argue with the jobs, the labor or the wage numbers. The explosive deregulation that is happening. The growth that’s happening.”

Then systematically without breaking pace, she said, “as the President tweeted this morning. The unemployment rate is now lower than the GDP.  We were promised a global recession. We got PROSPERITY.

Kellyanne pushed forward and said, “We got anemic 2% growth under the last president who is trying to take credit. This President is presiding over 4%. We’re talking about tax cuts 2.0. Renegotiating trade deals so they’re not so unfair and imbalanced.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

And then bringing it back to the media and the New York Times who printed the anonymous hit piece on the President, she mentioned the manufacturing, mining, logging and construction jobs may not matter to the media… but “Boy! Do they matter to the forgotten man and forgotten woman.”

Boom! Listen to the interview LIVE! as Kellyanne puts the ‘sleeper cell’ author to bed! Also – don’t miss the “magic wand” video at the bottom! 

Read President Trump’s tweets on the economy. In his last tweet, POTUS mentioned the ‘magic wand’ moment from Obama so we provided the video for you. Enjoy! 

WATCH the video until the end for the BEST part!