Obama Takes The Stage Attacking Pres Trump, Instantly Gets Laughed At By Entire World

Friday night on the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham was joined by guest Craig Shirley.

Craigan Paul Shirley is an American author, lecturer, historian and public affairs consultant. He has written four bestsellers on Ronald Reagan. (Video Below)

During the segment, they discussed Obama who mocked conservatives and President Trump while on his political trail trying to rally up the left for the midterms.

Democrats have no message, no substance, and are using Obama as their ploy thinking it will work to regain seats in the house. WRONG. Remember, this is why President Trump won. America was sick of Obama’s eight years of divisiveness.

Obama on the trail, tried to give a history lesson to his audience, however it backfired.

(Video Below)

Laura played a clip of Obama on his latest stop in Cleveland, Ohio where he used fear mongering tactics to rev up the left’s base.

Obama pulled out the democratic playbook using the race card, slammed President Trump, and suggested that Trump is scaring and stressing people out.

Craig Shirley explained that Obama needs to study history, because many times throughout history, America has been stressed out, adding “we are less stressed out now since the Cold War, the Great Depression, the Civil War, or the American Revolution.” (Video Below)

“Now, with the defeat of ISIS, a growing economy, I’d say we are less stressed out than ever before in our history.” Shirley said.

Next, Laura played a clip about Obama talking about a “healthy democracy” and everyone “paying attention.”

Craig Shirley explained what Obama said was meaningless. He asked, “What is a healthy democracy? I’ve never heard of an unhealthy democracy. First of all… we are not a democracy, we are a republic, and he needs to get that straight. What he is saying has no meaning. It’s just vapid.”

Laura mocked Obama pointing out, “So the people that voted for Trump were not listening and paying attention and it’s a different way of saying Deplorables.”

Shirley agreed with Laura and noted that Obama is attacking the essence of Conservatism, which is free will. (Video Below)

Obama Takes The Stage Attacking Pres Trump, Instantly Gets Laughed At By Entire World

While Laura had Craig Shirley on the set, she proceeded to play a golden oldie of Obama- “the smart guy who knows his history.”

In the clip she played, Obama claimed he had visited 57 states! Yes, Obama actually said that.

President Trump caught wind of the segment, took to twitter, and blasted the fake news media while laughing at Obama.

He tweeted, “When President Obama said that he has been to “57 States,” very little mention in Fake News Media. Can you imagine if I said that…story of the year! @IngrahamAngle.”

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President Trump’s Official Tweet: 


WATCH the clip below:

LOL! You can’t even make this up!

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